What do most women look for in a bikini? Well there is no one answer, the list is as long as your arm. For most it is good bust support, bust enhancement, comfort, style, durability, good price, nice colour/pattern, designer name tag, celebrity endorsement, unique design, quality, shape…. Boil the kettle someone 🤣.
So if you can find a brand that can tick at least some of them then this is a good place to start when shopping for your next bikini. As a designer I look to please as many people I can within what I can achieve. Regardless of any of the above a good quality product that has been made perfectly is my number one desire.
Next is the fit and deciding who each of my designs will be aimed at. I cater for a broad range of shapes and sizes from top heavy looking for support bikini tops which offer heaps of style just like my Sierra Bikini Top. This design will control your breast and keep it in place without painful neck straps that dig into the skin under the weight of the boobs… Yes, ladies you know what I am talking about – constantly running your hand behind the strap digging into the back of your neck. Just so un-comfy, which is why I use extra width elastic to ensure this doesn’t happen. 
My Sierra bikini is suited to the ample breast. Now you can still have ample breast even if you are a size 8. I am talking about those women who are naturally or un-naturally gifted in this area with a lot of volume. Perky, boobies fit well in th Sierra top and are kept tightly secure while still looking glamorous and sexy. You really don’t have to give up style for support if you know about my brand. I fit into this category which is why I designed this bikini as I couldn’t find anything out there to suit me. https://www.abbiecurtis.com/shop/sierra-bikini-top/

Hands up if you’ve something to hide! Well if I know my customers then I am pretty sure I know a few things they want to detract from when they are on vacation. Any guesses what that might be? Well, if you have been blessed with children you may or may not have been blessed with some delightful stretch marks or saggy skin. Embracing what being a Mother gives you is all well and good, but if like the majority of ladies I serve this is not on the cards. It can be a huge issue for women which can knock their self confidence. I have tried my best to offer a design which not only gives the feeling of wearing a bikini still, but also is sexy and creates an hour glass figure illusion that at the same time hides that problem area.

From the back my Esmaya swimsuit can be taken for a bikini, with its wide open and low v dipped bottoms you get that skin exposure you want from a bikini. But from the front you get a whole lot more. The v dipped plunging neckline elongates the torso and the cross over front panel pulls you in at the waist exposing the sides of the body still. The clever bit is the area we are disguising which actually draws your attention to the tummy and not away from it. However, the skin is nicely concealed behind a layer of rouched Italian fabric, lightly draped across your tummy with another v dipped front panel in the brief. This is undoubtedly why Esmaya is my best seller, and now with this design available in black my customers are even happier as this swimsuit doubles up as a beautiful bodysuit for any summer occasion. https://www.abbiecurtis.com/product-category/swimsuits/