Do you remember being a kid and a sex scene coming on the TV while you were sitting in the living room with your parents. God – how awkward did that make you feel? I wanted the couch to swallow me whole, especially after they decided to make a big deal out of it. OMG “cover your eyes”. Yes they made the whole thing worse by saying that didn’t they 🤯. 

This afternoon I was chilling on the sofa watching a Johnny Depp movie The Professor when my son came down to join me. It all seemed fine nothing untoward was happening and my boy was eyeball deep in his game. Then this happened. Johnny is doing some woman from behind making a bloody racket of it and a glimpse across and “eyeball deep” is now looking at the TV. I’m fumbling the bloody control like it’s an unclipped grenade. 

Age appropriate stuff on TV means either Barbie & Ken’s cartoon series or some YouTuber screaming into our living room like a demented freak (kids getting paid millions no doubt). So I though I’d have a turn as I was hanging out alone for once – didn’t last much longer than a New Years fitness resolution!

The divide between adult and kid activities is huge which is what divides us from enjoying each other’s company so much. Watching Barbie is something I’ve had to learn to love, like enduring those over paid screaming idiots on YouTube. But flip side a kid can’t really watch adult movies without getting embarrassed and a really awful insight into sex, drugs, prostitution or violence. All the stuff parents watch from time to time. 

But, there’s nothing age appropriate about fitness. I train lots of people as an online coach, teaching them how to set up good home gyms and educating them on nutrition and fitness. The majority of them have kids and struggle to find time to train and thus come the excuses! To which I’m like – quit making mountains out mole hills and get the kids involved. I’ve got clients who love to finally do something with their kids, having a little challenge with them, taking them for a run, giving them tiny weights or even having then keep time with a stop watch and playing PT. 

I quite often drop my kids off at school and have a little one come up to me telling me how well their Dads doing with his exercise I’ve set him. Or that Mums eating is doing well and they love trying her new dinners! 

So try this people, get off your iPhones, turn the TV off. Grab your kids and teach them the necessary lessons in life for them to be fit and healthy for their futures. This is something we’re not doing enough of and it’s what I teach all my clients who I coach to do. You should be learning for them not just you. Enrol on my 12 week online PT course starting in April – I promise you’ll never regret this time spent with me. It’s life changing stuff, for the whole family!



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