MOTIVATION the biggest area we need to work on when it comes to training.
Staying super motivated  can be really tough especially once the excitement of new commitments and goals wear off. Before you approach fitness understand the most important thing – fitness is something you have to work at rather than a quick fix.
Baby steps…. Yes we’ve all heard it before, but every day you do something towards that goal means that every day you are one step closer to accomplishing that milestone.
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So, how soon can you get back to exercising after being sick? When is the best time to start exercising and what’s the best way of getting back on track? Once you recover what do you do? How do you go about getting back on track, especially if you are left feeling weak? Sometimes it’s not as simple as just picking up where you left off, and it can be very frustrating. No one wants to stop progression once they are on a roll, however it happens and it’s so important to get up and carry on as soon as you can. Read on for my top tips on getting back into your exercise routine after being sick.

Always contact a medical professional if you are unsure if you should be working out or not.

GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK It’s so important to make sure that you’re fully better before starting to work out again.Give yourself time – it’s so important to make sure that you’re fully better before starting to work out again. If you’ve been sick for a full week I would give yourself another day to get going again. Ease back in and remember to drop the weights for the first day or two.


JUST CHILL OUT You can’t get back the time you lost whilst being sick. You just have to accept your progress has been cut short, but it’s better than trying to push yourself hard to make up for the loss when you were recovering. Take it easy and step it back a gear. Listen to your body and do as it asks, it’s better to wait until you are fully recovered than to set yourself back all over again.

COMPLETE THE COURSE Medication is super important, especially if the doctor has dished it out. Antibiotics are never something we would wish upon ourselves but finish the course take probiotics and drink plenty of water to make sure they do not set your got off balance. Seek out natural remedies too, these can be of great help and won’t over medicate you.

WRAP UP AND GET COSY Training outside isn’t ideal if you are recovering from being sick. Nevertheless, always wear suitable clothing, take warm baths after lifting heavy and layer up when travelling around to keep your temperature up. If you do need to brave the cold make it short and sweet. Make sure you fully dry your hair before leaving the house, it’s easy to catch another cold if you’re low.

EAT THE FOOD THAT WILL FIX YOU Vitamin C can be found in many foods, from oranges to leafy greens. Never stop educating yourself on how to eat right to not only look great but feel great too! Sleep whilst ill isn’t always great – cut the coffee for a white and opt for soothing hot lemon to get an extra vitamin C boost. Choose local honeys to add to the mix to battle the local bugs.

LISTEN TO YOUR BODY Sometimes we jump before we can run, in exercise and recovery. Training is all a balance of tear and repair whilst eating good food. The same goes for getting better, eat balanced, sleep and drink a lot. If you’re tired listen to that and hold off the exercise. If your symptoms are in and around your head like a general cold then you should be ok to exercise lightly if you feel up to it. However, chest or stomach issue is a no no, you need to go take some time out. The gym will be waiting for you once you’re able.

Our bodies are designed to cope with the stress of high-intensity workouts! That is how we progress and get fitter and stronger. But we can only do this if we are in good health and eat the right food to sustain our training. I teach men and women every week the importance of understanding what we fuel and don’t fuel our bodies with. When we become sick our immune system can no longer serve us well, so repair after heavy training will not happen and will usually cause us to fall sick if we weren’t quite right in the first place. Light exercise is ok as long as you are up to it, fresh air never killed anyone, so once you have got out and about then the next step in to get motivated and back into your training programme.


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