Celebrity Love Island – Bikini Heaven or Bikini Hell ?

It seems the words Love Island aren’t far from many conversations here in the UK right now. The country has gone crazy for the reality show hosted by Caroline Flack where contestants have to fall in love with each other to remain in the game and ultimately win the show.

There will be some of you out there, myself included who haven’t even watched one episode of the show until now but have heard various conversations about it and for our ignorance have struggled to keep up with the latest heated discussion surrounding the contestants and their open relationships.

Although ignorance is bliss for me, as airing your sex life and showing the World your dirty laundry isn’t quite my thing, I couldn’t help myself from having a look at some of the swimwear worn by the girls. It just had to be done and I wondered what kind of shape they were in as I have heard some have gone through some strict exercise and diet plans to be show ready.

Amid the scorching Mallorca heat the contestants will very rarely wear much more than a pair of swimming trunks or a skimpy bikini, so image is going to be on their minds as they spend their weeks being scrutinised by the public. I am not sure if I would enjoy this much at all. As body conscious as most women are these girls must have some guts or be pretty confident with themselves to parade around like this. Fair play to them, feel good, look good I say.

As I mentioned in last weeks blog, confidence is one of the most important things to accessorise your bikini with. We all come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but throw your head up in the air, pull your shoulders back and walk the beach like you mean it and you pretty much have it nailed. Let’s take a look at some of the looks on this year’s show. I am not sure if these bikinis are the contestants own or if a stylist was involved but judge for yourself.

Georgia is wearing a very revealing yellow bikini. She has the perfect body for this look, a tiny waist and pert breasts. Yellow is an unusual colour, so for this reason I like it, however you can see the quality and fit isn’t up to much. Also the cups are a little too small for her but she still looks great.
Gabrielle has gone for quite an unusual look pairing some bikini bottoms with a Michael Jackson style jacket. Not really something you would wear to the beach so I’m not quite sure where she is going with this. It looks a little silly but nevertheless she has some toned legs and a smile on her face which is all that matters.
I like Olivia’s classic look! There is nothing more classy than a white one piece with a beautiful tan and she has chosen a modest cut that keeps her looking like a lady. Girls that look after their dignity go far further in my estimation!
Amber is wearing quite a complicated bikini and there is very little about it I like, actually I like nothing about it apart from the colour! I do like a peep top but it should be a peep not a gaping hole. Under cleavage has never really been that flattering in my opinion but her choice of colour with her skin tone is perfect. I would like to dress her in something that shows her curves off rather than hiding them in a high neck bikini top that looks more suitable for a 50 shades moment than sunbathing.
I really like Montanas look, her swimsuit is a little bit similar to our Esmaya, but it gives her body no shape and her waist looks the same width as her hips and bustline. The main focus is on her chest but I think she needs more of a bust enhancing look rather than something that flattens her. A clinched waist would also make her look a little more hour glass than ironing board! Put her in our Esmaya swimsuit any day and she has an instant body shape makeover!
Camilla I am sorry but no, just no! This isn’t a science fiction princess show, who ever suggested you wear this needs to be sacked! Otherwise I think you would look better in a sack. Nice beach waves though and you have a really cute smile, you could look so much more in a simple traditional bandeau set.
Tyler has a fantastic body and beautiful colouring, her hair is styled very nicely and her choice of colour works for her. This is a classic triangle bikini look and you can’t really go wrong with it however for me sequins aren’t really the order of the day. But the show is all about having a good time and a little sparkle never hurt anyone.
Danielle has a lovely body with curves and shape. So she can take on this simple strappy bikini with no problem. I think the background really clashes with the colour of the bikini which is putting me off a bit but put her on a beach and I think the red would be just fine. I do prefer brunettes in red though. I would give her boobs more uplift, she has very full breasts and could make the most of her amazing cleavage with a little push! If you’ve got it flaunt it…
Chyna has gone for one of my pet hates an overcomplicated swimsuit that has no use aside from giving you tan lines and a pouch around the waist when you sit down. The cups fit her perfectly and make a nice bust line and I like the gathering in the top. But someone get the scissors out and cut the middle section away, there is absolutely no need for it. I’m sure we are just covering up a lovely toned stomach which she has probably worked hard on.
Ellisha-Jade are you attending a dance competition? I am not quite sure what this look is all about but it looks like plastic. The best thing about this picture is her bottom!
Amelia you have a great body and I like the style of your bikini bottoms which make your legs look extremely long. But I’m not really appreciating the patterned fabric it looks cheap. I would like to see her wearing black I think this would be very striking on her!
I get the impression that Shannen isn’t a very confident girl. She has decided to hide herself under some kind of sheer dressing gown that you would expect a much older person to wear (I kept that polite). She has tried to be revealing and sexy by showing her chest and bottom, but all I can say is this awful floral print should not be seen on a girl her age or any self-respecting woman over the age of 50 with any fashion sense! I think this girl could do with a confidence boost as I’m sure what’s under there is a curvaceous little body dying to be shown the right way to show off!
Chloe all I get from this is Playboy Mansion. You’re a pretty girl but this is sending out the wrong signals, the sequins brush in all the wrong directions making it look messy and the big bows scream little girl you have no class! Give me five minutes to adjust this and I promise you a much more glamorous beautiful look which would suit you more. You have stunning eyes and an air of confidence that doesn’t need to be tarnished with cheap fashion trends.
Jessica, I really like this look and it works for you because you have the right body shape. The cut outs work but you will get silly tan lines. I would probably lose the strap across your torso as it serves no purpose. The colour works perfectly on a brunette and you look happy, confident and comfortable. It’s a good look for you.
Tyne-Lexi I am not sure what to say about this. Is this a wrap bikini top gone wrong or a bandage? You need to balance your proportions, with smaller shoulders I would put you in a padded top or a halterneck to draw attention inwards thus widening your shoulders. I would also widen your curves with a bikini bottom that draws attention to the hips with some statement features like a classy tie or ring. You have a cute little body, but you have completely hidden it in this piece of confused fabric that looks like you have rolled in it rather than dressed in it.

As I mentioned earlier I have not watched any of the episodes of Love Island or seen any of the contestants wearing swimwear on the show. I might have to watch a few episodes to see if the bikinis they have chosen are any different from the pictures I found online, but I can’t help it, I just want to get on the show and re-style the entire cast.

I can’t imagine being any of the parents at home having to see their kids wondering around in some of these outfits not to mention having to watch some of the ways they exploit themselves. It makes me utterly cringe, so I may just give this one a miss!

The swimwear said it all for me but I can’t help but want to make these girls behave in a more ladylike way and dress them to look beautiful instead of like strippers…