Personalised Training Program


I design a routine specifically for your body type and composition, based on what’s important to you. We’ll combine your input with our symmetry assessment to help you get the balanced, symmetrical body you want.

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Here’s what you will get:

  • Personalized weight training routine designed for you and your goals
  • Plans are designed with your level of experience in mind
  • Can be customized for maximum hypertrophy or strength-building
  • Personalized cardio routine
  • Recommended supplement regimen
  • Home workouts and small gym (camp/on-site) training programs available
  • 2 four week check ins to check your progress
  • After the first check in a final program will be sent which will aim at hitting a higher level of progression

Once you purchase one of my programs I will be in touch to discuss how we progress to get you the maximum benefits form the course. I will need to discuss the elements of the program and may need to ask you some specific questions in order to tailor everything to your individual needs. This way we can start to establish a relationship in order to maximise our communication potential throughout your chosen routine.


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