I know if you are like most of my clients in the past you are probably so frustrated by now after trying and failing on so many “fad diets” of the moment, special new fitness contraptions or DVD’s. Unfortunately we get sucked into the paid advertising and get hyped up with the jargon they feed us, just hoping that this will be the thing to fix us. But… It isn’t about you as an individual, you are just a number and they honestly do not care about your success, it is all about lining their pockets with your money – pretty sad!

Don’t look back… you aren’t going that way anymore. This time I promise you, it IS different.

Abbie Curtis Bikini Nutrition & Fitness programs are a proven lifestyle change with no made up claims. Just 100% truth, and exactly what works. Even if you are your average every day busy woman, the weight will start dropping, and you will look like you just stepped off a fitness magazine cover. The women I coach started out where you are right now, feeling lost, frustrated and searching for results. This time the results will come and they will be well worth the effort.

So many times I am asked… How does every insta fitness page and fitness model somehow always manage to keep their fantastic shape? Why is that even after pregnancy they can magically get their pre-pregnancy body back? Well, it isn’t magic; it’s a case of knowing what to do, when and how to do it. Very few know how to balance nutrition and the large majority are scared and are misinformed of how they body SHOULD be fed.

Clients often send messages on check in days that are full of excitement. Sometimes it takes a few weeks or months to get there, but you get out what you put in…

So that is why I started all of this, so many of my Bikini customers came to me frustrated and ashamed of their extra weight. So last January 2018 I set up my Facebook community page to support my customers who desperately wanted to get in shape to wear my swimwear but didn’t know how, join the group right now at https://www.facebook.com/groups/1965502373698233/ choose a plan from my Bikini Body Fitness link at www.abbiecurtis.com and simply focus on the body you deserve and believe you can achieve it. Then it will happen for you.

Stay on track, stay motivated and follow the plans exactly as they are laid out and you will see results. I personally keep you motivated on your journey and am available to all of my clients via my on-line coaching. Join our community Facebook page to start getting support right now, we are all good friends, who share a common interest to be the best we have ever been, no matter what our age, size or confidence level, it all started right here for so many of my clients so click this link and come get involved, you have nothing to lose, just a click https://www.facebook.com/groups/1965502373698233/

THAT’s why this time is different and I know you will succeed!

It is so important to find happiness at all stages of your weightless journey. I encourage self respect and love for every phase your body goes through. This journey should be an uplifting and spiritual one…

What are the top reasons most women don’t get results on past attempts at dieting?

  • Most likely you were told to eat bland, boring and tasteless foods you don’t like.
  • Most fad diets and what’s cool in the moment short term changes have no regard for your overall long term health or benefits. Whats the point of looking better if you end up feeling worse?
  • Most diets are quick, harmful and cause you to under-eat which slow your metabolism to a crawl and messes with your hormones so much you end up through no fault of your own binging and actually gaining more weight in the long run.
  • Most diets count calories which is absolutely wrong thing to do. Your body has no idea about calories and doesn’t count them. It only knows types of foods and whether you set up your metabolism to be a fat burning furnace or not.
  • Most diets want you to starve all day and night and who in their right mind could continue on a diet like that for more than a couple days? Not even the most dedicated of us!

All my clients know that first and foremost comes your health. With that your body will follow exactly what you set it up to do once you regulate your metabolism and hormones correctly. If you end up tired all the time, sluggish, have no energy and 24/7 craving food whats the point? This is about quick results but they should also be for the long term as well. Simply follow my programs and know from today onward that you WILL start to be healthy, you will change your way of life, create new habits and allow yourself time to adjust, think positive thoughts and know there is a light at the end of the tunnel for all of you…

This was me 12 weeks after having my second baby and again 12 weeks after working on myself… This image inspired so many of my clients…

I believe in having a dream. How do you look and feel in yours? How does your significant other see you? How does your family and friends see you? I promise if you stick with me you will soon be the Abbie Curtis Bikini Fitness role model you want to be for all of your loved ones. My way of eating and training is unlike anything you have likely tried before, and the reason is because, it is NOTHING NEW, its just simple living, planned eating and dedicated training. There is a reason fitness and bikini models rely on this 100% of the time to stay in great shape year round, because this is what the body responds to! So quit the crazy diets and JUST BE YOU….

With my methods and nutrition guides you will simply follow the checklists, daily meal plans, food exchange lists and instructions to actually enjoy eating. You’ll eat delicious meals you actually want to eat, and even “naughty” foods the are quite often told to avoid completely. If you live in balance you can have and achieve anything! When my clients come to me they usually assume based on everything they have been told in the past when considering a new nutrition plan that it will require them to starve themselves and only eat bland boring food. 100% not true with my way of eating. Here you can eat what you love and NOT what you don’t!

My friend Mary literally improved her posture, gained a butt lift and tightened her tummy. I am so proud of her results…

Just remember that change doesn’t happen overnight. Slow and steady wins the Bikini Body race. Never expect to be perfect from the get go. Even fitness models, bikini competitors and yes your favourite Insta girls have bad days. We are all just human, nobody’s perfect and we all have set backs. Trust me, I am living proof and my life REGULARLY gets in the way. Simply focus your mind on the body you deserve, it will happen for you. Stay on track, stay motivated and follow the plan exactly as laid out and you will see results.

If the time is right for you, you will let nothing stand in your way. Come over the to https://www.abbiecurtis.com/ac-bikini-body-fitness/ and choose a program that is right for you. Whether you are a beginner or you need a kick of motivation to get back on track there is something that will suit your needs, but please do drop me a line at info@abbiecurtis.com to discuss anything through in person. I am real and at the end of an email. This is a personal experience and not an on-line coaching system to the masses… Keeping it  TOTALLY REAL LIFE is the only way I can work.

So here’s to my Bikini Cadets of tomorrow, lets start a revolution, Bikini Season is COMING!!

Abbie xx