Phew am I glad todays LIVE tutorial is over.

We have covered a lot so far this week at the AC Beach Body LIVE course on Eating To Get Lean at the community Facebook page, and there is still one day left to complete the week on Thursday at 7pm when we delve a little deeper into the art of nutrition.

I hope you had a chance to get onto the videos currently still available in the AC Beach Body facebook group page. There was a lot of good ground covered, from barriers to fitness, mind set and goal setting, how to calculate your BMR (basic metabolic rate) and then today we looked at calculating your calorie needs, protein needs and lastly the ever so slightly complex subject of carb cycling using my Magic Sand analogy.

What I want for you is clarity in your nutrition, I want you to fully understand what you are eating and why. And, for those training with me I want you to understand why I train you in the way I do – because one day I will not be around and you should have gained the knowledge you need during our time together to be educated to a level where you can manage your nutrition and weight training on your own.

I am not in the game of keeping my clients – I am in the game of educating as many people as I can and setting them free! Why should all this stuff be kept from you, and why should you need another personal trainer after me.? Simple answer is that if you do I haven’t done my job properly. I love you all, but I really don’t want to be looking after you for the rest of your lives!

I did say I was going to cover all of todays content here in this email for those who may not have grasped some of the complexities of the subject – but instead I am offering you my personal time to ensure you understand. Just drop me an email at info@abbiecurtis.com and we can continue the discussion, just us, and you can ask me anything you like! Within reason 😉 Be free my kitties!

Much Love – Abbie.

PS: I have to admit that when I posted a picture of myself pointing at my boobs with the tagline – “See you at 10am” I had no idea it gave of such a suggestive under tone. Yes some of the boys in my friends circle were quick to point that out! Haha…. I am pretty innocent at times and a little clueless as to when I am posing in a provocative manner promoting myself in the wrong way…. Was pretty amusing to you all though 😉



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