Does anyone else’s dog have the worst farts in the world? Walking in to a room and accidentally inhaling my sausage dogs gases is probably one of the most gag experiences of my life! I’m really focused on his diet probably not so much as exercise I don’t know, but he’s been getting loads of walks in since we have been a little cut off from the world.

I got rid of his foul smell by taking him to the butchers to get raw meat. He used to be on dry kibble but getting him to eat that was like asking you to eat your own shit! Sorry but to put it bluntly he just was not having any of it.

He absolutely loves the raw food diet with veggies and meat. I know when he is happy because it doesn’t stay in the bowl for more than two seconds and I can get on with my day without having to worry about trying to force kibble down him 🤣. 

The poor things gut never adjusted to the dry food diet, which swelled in his stomach. Since he’s been on meat and two veg his little tummy has found peace and a balance of nutrition that I can monitor. 

When your body is used to eating a certain way and you go and change it, there can be here period you need to allow for your system to adjust. I get this all the time with clients, but after a few weeks the body settles and the results start coming.

My sausage dog called Abraham has a tendency to be a bit of a porky pig if I am not monitoring his calorie intake. Just like us humans we need to have a measurable nutrition plan that we can adhere to and make changes to as and when we reach new milestones. 

So just like poor old Abraham you need to sit tight and trust in the process. Most of my clients report becoming a lot more regular with the diet I put them on, they achieve better weight loss results, have higher energy levels and in-turn week by week they are hitting those goals and feeling a lot happier about it.

Man or beast we have a duty to take care of our bodies, take note of the effects, adjust things along the journey, remain positive and ultimately trust in the process that has been set out for you. My dog hasn’t got a choice he gets what he is given, luckily I think I’m good at looking after him. But are you good at looking after yourself?

If you need me to take it off your hands and educate you so you understand how to feed yourself correctly to get the results that you need then drop me an email at

I’m pretty sure my clients have never reported having smelly farts though ha ha so don’t go worrying about it, I don’t feed you dog food, just like Abraham you’ll be eating whole foods in a balance to suit you 😉.



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