Just one cup of coconut water contains 3 gm of fiber in it. The amount is remarkably high when compared to other drinks. Water, cola, soda, and other similar drinks do not contain as much fiber as coconut water. Fiber contains no calories and helps in slowing down the absorption of food through the digestive system.

This, in turn, helps to maintain the blood sugar level. At the same time, the fiber in coconut water helps in preventing food cravings, sugar spikes, and crashes. Modern research has proved that fiber expedites the food passage through the colon, which helps in eliminating the waste water from the body much easily.

So if you are reading that coconut water is good for weight loss this will be one of the reasons why. It is filling, refreshing and full of goodness! It is also low in calories, increases your metabolic rate, lowers cholesterol, improves insulin sensitivity, builds lean muscle, Supports thyroid function and keeps your body hydrated. These are the reasons why coconut water benefits weight loss and in general is a really great drink for anyone at anytime of day. 

I like to drink mine directly from the nut!

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