Last night we had tears. My 10 year old has literally cracked in lock down, it all got too much and we had to have a good talk with him. Problem is the computer is all these kids have got sometimes and they’re all together chatting to each other but it can get too much! We’ve reeled that in big time today. 

So we had him up late with us for some time just him and no little sister. We were laughing about after the tears watching TV when I said no swearing to my other half who was joking around getting Max to laugh at him. Max says, “Why are bad words bad?”. It got me thinking, because words are just words and reality is it’s just how a word is perceived to someone and the feeling that word creates within them. Nothing is bad really, maybe inappropriate to certain people who have been brought up to be offended by certain words. That’s fair enough!

Ok I’m going all out on this one so sorry! CUNT omg yes I wrote it and it felt soo wrong! 😂😂 I’m NOT offended by that word at all. Some people really are but to me it’s just a word and I think very little about it’s genuine meaning. Ok VAGINA, are we offended now? Why not it’s the same bloody meaning.

I’m getting back to health I swear. So there’s NO bad words and there’s NO bad foods. See I squeezed it in in the end 🤣. It’s just the context or amount in which you say or eat either bad word of calorific food! I’m not going around saying CUNT CUNT CUNT all the time (my other half wasn’t saying that particular word btw before you freak out 🤯), and I’m not going around eating donuts all day long either!

But if I wanted to call that fucking wanker who cut me up the other day a CUNT then I would. But I’d leave it there. Likewise if I want a DONUT I’m going to have it and I’m not going to label it a BAD food because it’s not. It’s just carbs and fat and we all need that just not loads of it. Goodness me 100g of blueberries has the same amount of carbs as the donut but we’re never saying those are bad are we?See? Same same right 😝. 

So everything in moderation. Nothing is bad it’s just the frequency you choose to have or do something that really matters. And maybe the time and place too! So you CUNTS/VAGINAS time for a DONUT/PUNNET BLUEBERRIES and for me to lose some followers over this horrific analogy that NOTHING we eat or say is truly bad it’s just nice to be naughty sometimes and let off steam!

So what was the word he used? Ok it was the F word but we joke with our eldest as he’s not the type to go round swearing. He’s pretty switched on with how he behaves and I’m sure the donut is far more appealing than copying his parents potty mouths! Haha… Don’t even pretend you’ve never sworn in front of your kids 😝. 

So if you want me to get your thinking straight on anything else health and fitness related I’d assume you’d be clicking the link below. It’s not what we do with our nutrition and training but how we see it that matters the most. Mind set is key in this game and those who unlock the ability to get in the right head space are the ones who achieve great things.