I went to the shops today to go and get some of the basic stuff like oats, fruit and milk. While I was there I couldn’t help but notice a severe lack of much at all available in the loo roll isle. I mean I’ve heard there’s a worldwide thing going on which has something to do with this Coronavirus and a desperate need for toilet paper – but why!? What’s this virus giving people, Diarrhoea or something?

A Waitrose store where I live down south in the United Kingdom where no one has even been affected with Coronavirus was literally bare. It was like seeing a setting on the news based out in China or Australia where this weird panic buying started. How on earth has it reached the rest of the world in a matter of days? And what is the reason for it?

I think people work in the most bizarre ways, I have no idea why anyone in my local community would be panic buying toilet roll just because of something they have seen on the news. But for what reason, I don’t have the faintest idea. The power of the media and the influences it has on us as a population is bloody scary.

Yeah I can preach about fitness and nutrition until I’m blue in the face and tell you your health is at risk if you don’t get off your arse and do something about it and follow a decent balanced nutrition program and get your back end down the gym three to four times a week. But who panics then? 

No one –  I’ve got to force you to listen to me, and then some months down the line after you’ve pondered it long enough you will realise if you want to have a decent quality of life it’s time to start taking note of what I’m saying. I’m exhausted 😩 

Honestly, I cannot fathom people. I think that the majority of individuals in this world are complete nutcases! Trying to deal with the public is bloody hard work. Do you know what I did when I saw those empty shelves today, instead of panic buying up the last three packets remaining on the shelf I just walked on by… Goodness me if we did run out of toilet paper there is always good old fashioned soap, water and a towel. It’s a much cleaner way to live anyway…

Oh my God breaking news all the gyms in the entire world are going to stop taking on new memberships and no one from this day onwards will be able to sign up and get the fit body they’ve always dreamed of….  I would love to see the panic buying then 🤣. 

When there are more important things to bother yourself with in this world you focus on the fucking toilet paper… Honestly what is this world coming to if we cannot focus on our health and nutrition first and foremost above a freaking virus that is killing a very small percentage of the population and as a result is breaking the back of toilet paper companies trying to supply the market with something to wipe their arses with.

Embarrassing! I’m going to bed and I hope I wake up in a normal world with normal people living in it. Seriously I’m done!



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