It is a strange world out there.

I put myself in the firing line every day on facebook like we all do, we open up our lives to the masses in order to gain friends, communicate our message, promote our businesses or even just to get attention. We are all attention seekers at heart – we were born with the talent, ever met a polite, reserved baby? Nah! It’s just human nature.

So this week I have had an obscene amount of people joining my Facebook Group page AC Beach Body Fitness. I don’t really have time to screen the members, I just trust they are genuine and here to learn from me. Both men and women are welcome and the page offers great advice, motivation and support for anyone on a fitness journey.

Now – this could seem mean, but nah I’m not scared to talk my mind. There are some serious weirdos out there who are really freaking scary as fuck! I take my job really seriously, I am a trust worthy person, I bend over backwards with my clients and I am always there to make sure anyone I am working with gets 120% out of me in order for them to succeed with their body goals.

So, the last few weeks I have been trolled by a large amount men who have seemed genuine in joining my online fitness community only to bombard me with messenger phone calls, messages and comments that are too cringe – I have been left with little hope for the male population. That sounds awful – but these people are letting the side down for the masses of decent men out there and its really scary.

I am going to share a message thread that was sent over the course of 24 hours! I mean, this was serial strangeness and I blocked the person in the end…


How are you

Very beautiful and sexy photo of you

You single

Where are you from

Can we get to know each other better

How old are you

Unless your married

If your married I won’t text you again

MON 22:20


How are you

Very beautiful and sexy photo of you

Can we get to know each other better

Are you single babe

Where are you from babe

How old are you babe

What do you do for a living

I’m a part time cleaner in a school do 30 hours a week

Live on my own in a one bed flat

Where are you from

I live in Leicestershire

I like to play pool go swimming working out in the gym going cinema and eating out

Sorry about the messages babe

Can we get to know each other better if that’s ok with you

You are very beautiful woman

You looking for a serious relationship

What time is it there

Are you doing much tonight

Say something

TUES 07:52

Morning babe

TUES 09:18


Looking absolutely stunning

How old are you babe

You single

You there baby

Can we get to know each other better babe

Have I done something wrong babe

TUES 12:05

Hi babe

You there baby

TUES 13:35

Say something babe

Have I done something wrong babe


How are you babe

Can we get to know each other better

You single

Have I done something wrong babe

You not speaking to me

TUES 18:26


You ok

Have I done something wrong

You single babe

Can we get to know each other

I am scared, this is worrying. I believe that trust is built in online relationships, especially in business. It is so much harder to build  trust when you have never met the person and likely never will. As an online coach I expect so much of my clients, they don’t know me from Adam yet they invest in me to transform them in to a healthier fitter version of themselves. That’s scary! Yet they trust me enough from the things I post on a regular basis to have a feel for me. They take a leap of faith and they’re in. We are now in a fully fledged online relationship! Scary as shit I know…..

But, I don’t ram my self down their throat in hour one. I let them come to me if they want to. I explain what I do and how I help people, I am not desperate I am relaxed. I am easy and I am happy to help if you want and just as happy to let you pass me by if you don’t want a one2one experience in fitness and nutrition.

Imagine if you came to my Facebook Group AC Beach Body Fitness and I messaged you like this example above. You would run a bloody mile…. Sadly there are a lot of people out there who behave inappropriately, I feel sorry for them. It is very frightening to behave in this kind of way to people you do not know.

One thing I can say about working with me is that I am a friend. I am impartial, have your best interests at heart and I do not want to keep you as a client. I want to set you free!
Educate, implement, succeed and release.

No stalking here – that’s an extra cost 😉 haha only kidding.

PS: I am NOT sorry if this offends anybody – unapologetically me!

Now join my insta and facebook group now now now – tata!!!!

“Not weird behaviour at all right!?”



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