Today we said goodbye to a very special little girl who’s strength, courage and light has changed all of our lives forever. I won’t go into any more than that as these are my private thoughts and feelings, but one thing you have to have in this situation is faith that this isn’t the end. The thought that a life has ended and that there is nothing more for the individual is an opinion, however it is not mine. 

I believe in the unseen, I know that this isn’t it for us all and that there is a greater part of our being, something which we are not yet to understand as all that should concern us is living our current life to the fullest. And that young lady with her amazing energy, presence and smile certainly did that.

Belief is the unseen, it is the magic within us all. We either choose to believe or we don’t. Believe in what you will, it is up to you, but to have belief in ones self is to have mastered this life. The richest people have faith, courage and an ability to face anything that challenges them with the feeling in their gut that they will give it their all regardless of the outcome.

To worry about something is to ponder, which never got anyone anywhere. It’s to stagnate, to remain in the same place or situation and ultimately this is where you let fear take control of you. The leap of faith is the challenge in life which we are all faced with from time to time, and when took – regardless of the outcome the feeling is good. We are here to move forward, life is the challenge, to walk into the unknown at full force without hesitation.

The ability to own this quality is for the fearless, the people who act now and think later. Time spent thinking can be the biggest waste of time in your life, do now, think later would be my suggestion to you all who seem to be going nowhere. It is the same principle for fitness. The sheer thought of it mortifies people, they say, “tomorrow I’ll start”, “I will wait because I have no time right now and no money”. These are sad excuses.

When I consider this morning saying farewell to our beautiful Angel I could just imagine what she would have grown up to be like. The girl who took life by the hand and shook it up every single day, the fearless princess warrior who’d let nothing challenge her, not even her own thoughts. The girl those people would admire for her ability to seize the day, a face full of smiles and a heart full of gold. If only she had just one more day. She’d live it like no other.

And that is what you should do. You should live each and every day like it is your last, some of us are only here for a short while, yet the ones that are – are the ones that lived it to its full. So seize the day, be ruthless, don’t put things off and do now those things you think you can keep leaving until tomorrow. For tomorrow one day or another never comes…. Learn from those who could show you the way, because some of us come into this life to teach others to wake up, they are called Earth Angels, and I met one!

Much love AC.


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