Getting second hand information and trying to do something with it will never serve you well. It’s presuming you have some sort of knowledge of a subject when in reality you are misleading yourself and those you share your thoughts with.

First hand information is all anyone should concern themselves with. Knowledge is power if to comes from the root source. My goodness, how many spats are had on social media by people who are arguing about stuff they know nothing about. They concern themselves unnecessarily in such in-depth debates with opinions they have formed based on a particular persons view who they favour due to their own tastes or beliefs. 

Say you read a book and you hated they way it played out. Maybe the writing style wasn’t to your taste, so when someone asked your opinion on it – you gave “your” opinion. This is what we all need to bare in mind when dealing with each other. We are all individuals with an opinion. The worrying thing is, is when those opinions become second hand information or what I like to call “chinese whispers” and then that person acts upon the “whisper” using it as their perceived knowledge of what they think to be truth. 

Exhausting isn’t it. Less talk more thinking I say. Same goes for comparing yourself to others in the fitness industry and trying to use their “proven method” on yourself. Forget it, they aren’t you and you shouldn’t want to be anyone but yourself. Don’t use their information and try and make it work for you, it’s just their sloppy seconds, it may not be the total truth and their situation isn’t yours. 

If I sold fitness programs from a PDF and it didn’t workout for Martha let’s say, she’s going to go and tell Mavis it was shite! See, hearsay – don’t fall into the trap. Know what you’re talking about before you shout your mouth off and make yourself look stupid. 

Find your own path…..



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