Let’s talk about laundry. 

I ram as many wet clothes into that drum as possible just to speed up my chores and get done quick. I bloody hate it in there. As I write this some button on a pair of Steve’s jeans is banging constantly on the drum. I’m too lazy to go fix it! But nevertheless the cycle is in motion and at some point I will have to get up and remove the clothes before they cool and crease.

Ironing? Absolutely freaking not! Now if I miss the end of the cycle I’m going to have to double my work. Both you and I know the way to skip the dreaded iron is by folding immediately right!? Right! So on those days when I get side tracked or just come over too lazy to deal with the folding I’m one step forward two steps back every time!

How annoying is that! We know that we’re adding to our work load yet something inside us just can’t be arsed and we ignore the voice in our heads saying, “You just didn’t collect 200 and went straight to jail mate!”. Back to square one I go just because I couldn’t be bothered to put my ten minutes in, now the option is walk round in creased up clothes or put thirty minutes ironing in to get back what could have been mine at the end of the cycle.

I know you think I’m going a bit too deep into my views on a tumble dryer cycle but get this. Let’s say you’re that laundry, and the machine is your nutrition and training. So you’ve put the load on all week, you consistently added the right nutrition (washing liquid) you’ve done your training (cotton wash), rinsed (showered) and now you’re on a drying setting (relaxing a day or two). But you relax too long and now your hard work is getting screwed up!

Ya getting me? Haha – I know it’s weird but I love an analogy. Keep your laundry clean and tidy by doing it little and often. Give attention to the routine or it will pile up like the fat on your body! Feed the load, train the load, rest the load – but don’t neglect your load. OMG enough now 🤣🤣 I’m outta here – his bloody jeans are driving me insane!

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