OMG – Why is she emailing me again!

Some of you wonder why I sent you emails every day, why I write the messages I do and what compels me to do so on such a frequent basis.

If you are reading this via Facebook or you should click this link now I’m not going to lie to you, I just like to reach out, it’s great to engage with people in my fitness circle and also my social circle on the platforms that I use. But within each message is always a unique underlying text which should arouse some encouragement and motivation in all of you to take better care of yourselves.

As I sit here writing this sipping my pink champagne after a brilliant day training clients and working on my own goals in the gym I feel I have achieved the best work/life balance. Work being my fitness and training. It’s very hard to balance everything up perfectly, and even I struggle at the best of times week to week with things at crop up into my diary and set me off track. This morning I was up at 6:15 am. My alarm went off and I thought, “Are you actually kidding me!”. But for six months I have not been up at the crack of dawn training like I used to.

This has made me feel like a bit of a failure because so many times that alarm has gone off – I have switched it to silent and carried on snuggling up in my bed. I guess it’s just a sign of winter… But that’s a load of rubbish because last year in the depths of winter I was up training in -1 conditions out of my garage gym which is the best area of my house I have created.

This morning for some reason or another when the alarm went off I jumped at it! I was ready to go and nothing was going to stop me… Not even in the warmth of my bed and the softness of my pillow. I dropped a live on Facebook just before I went outside to train to try and encourage my followers to think about starting their day a little earlier and getting that workout in. Why do I do all of this? Because I want the best for you all and I want you all to succeed in your goals without feeling like you are going round in circles and starting all over again when you don’t see the results you want to after a few weeks…

Fitness should be measurable it should be something that is repetitive, fun and something that delivers results. But without a goal your progress cannot be measurable. I have habits which I take pride in every single day. I get up, I make my bed, I come downstairs I drink a pint of water, I plan my week on a Friday and I’ll make sure I have enough food in the house ahead of time so I don’t fall short on my macro tracking.

But the most important thing to me is writing these emails every single day. Every single day I write these emails to reach out to you to make sure you are on track. I hope in my writing you find inspiration, motivation and above all a good old laugh! Because at the end of the day as I said to my client in the gym before I left after our session together, why are we all doing this? The only reason we are doing this is happiness. And if at some point you reach that happiness and you just need to maintain your body, eat well and have a good life then you have made it…

I’m in the game of not only educating and teaching the fundamental basics of good healthy nutrition and structured training. But I am in the business of giving you a good quality of life which also equates to your ultimate happiness. What more could you asked for…

All I ask of you is that you click that link below and join my Facebook community at AC Beach Body Fitness now. Be a part of my growing team where we understand good nutrition, how it affects the body and learn and educate one another on a daily basis. It really is a no-brainer, the community is free, it is a place of like-minded people just like you and I all looking to achieve one thing in their life…




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