I will tell the truth.

I have told some whopping lies in my time – and I was skilled from a young age in doing so which is probably why my family insisted to everyone we meet that I should have been on the stage. You know that thing your family play on repeat at a gathering when discussing your childhood, yes thats mine, “ohh she should have been on stage, remember how she would pretend cry and let spit drip out of her mouth?”, er thanks Nan I really appreciate us discussing that at this point in my life. But, she will say it again 😉

I once gave my Cindy doll a skinhead down the bottom of the garden, I always put my Barbie’s on a pedestal as the more elite of my collection and poor Cindy was tarnished with a big head and a little less cool. So she got the chop – it was very calculated as I disappeared off down by the fur tree and dug a shallow grave for the evidence. Who was I kidding though (obviously early in my fibbing career) as who else would have lobbed her hair off. Mum asks, “What have you done to her hair?”, whilst I tried to look concerned and shocked at the baldness of Cindy while noticing the shallow grave wasn’t entirely filled in as wafts of blonde blew about the garden 😉

We all lie though, it’s just human nature. I lie because I can’t be bothered to run through a full blown conversation some days on what I did that day. So I skim the surface, leave a bunch of stuff out and wrap up unnecessary chit chat in a shorted version of the truth. That’s not lying though, that’s just me being too lazy to hold a conversation.

Hey, we all lie to our kids! Come on who hasn’t done that, if you say you don’t you’re a big fat lier! It’s just easy life and cuts time in half in some cases. People also lie to me – I know when they are, yet denying it to my face leaves me with little option but to agree all the while resting my case that I know the truth yet I can’t be arsed to argue the toss just to drag out their denial any further… Bored now!

But when a client lies to me they are just lying to themselves – which is why they don’t really bother. When you pay good money for a service which relies solely on the truth of a weekly outcome you tear back those walls of hidden agenda and truth to reveal the open raw version of yourself who has only success in sight. This is example of dedication and drive – honesty is the best policy when you commit to your body goals. It is no one else’s business but your own at the end of the day, so cheating your coach is just giving misleading information which will provide you with a new goal based on lies.

Any way little white lies are ok like:

My phone died (I forgot you)
Of course I remember you (who the hell is this)
That was my idea (I wish it was)
Oh yeah, that makes sense (wtf is he going on about)
I’m five minutes away (fas I am like 25 mins away)
Traffic was horrible (was great)
I can have it done by tomorrow (I will try but I will totally fail)
I love your dress (puke)
This is the best gift you’ve ever given me (sucks)
I can’t come in today I’m sick (I’m shopping)
It was nice to meet you (right!)
No I didn’t meet my ex for dinner (fuck off)
Oh yeah I can see you’ve lost weight (erm??)
I’ll call you later (can I go now?)

So don’t tell me you are thinking about getting your body goals in order and then totally bypass the link below. I am not buying it luv 😉



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