I’m one of those extremely impulsive people. I hate making plans and having something in my diary that is six weeks away.

Because in six weeks time something better might come along I want to do, and I like to have the flexibility to be able to do what I want on a daily basis – when I want.

There is so much that wouldn’t have happened in my life if I wasn’t impulsive. I got pissed off once and when I was 19, sick of the rat race, I booked a flight on the hop and jumped on a plane to Ibiza.

Think about things too much and you won’t do them. As a result you’ll meet some amazing people on the way. In fact my very good friend Lisa is coming to see me this afternoon, she is driving down from London.  

It’s 21 years next month since we met, and everything that happened to me since moving to Ibiza happened as a result.

I was a shy kid, with no direction. Ibiza brought me out of my shell, not just the place, but the act of travelling and standing on my own two feet and taking a chance.


I swear to God it’s true you leave your heart and soul in that place, I’d move there seasonally one day. It suits me perfectly.

By taking a chance it changed how I was, my character my confidence and my ability to realise that if you want something in this life you’ve just got to grab it.


I wanted a better outlook, a break and a chance to find who I really was and I certainly got that. Because of that I had the faith in myself that I could do anything and from the age of 20 if I wanted to do it I just did!


I’m developing an app at the moment something I thought would be very much out of my reach, but here I am working with an amazing company to bring my app to you all this summer.

A few said, “That’s ridiculous, it’s going to cost you the Earth, you’ll have to do this that and the other to make it happen. There is more to creating an app then you realise.”


I like to laugh at those people as I find them extremely negative, I’m looking forward to asking them if they want to download my app in July 🤣. Sorry I’m also a wind up merchant! 🤷‍♀️


Ask yourself next time you are procrastinating, that phone call you need to make or that email you need to send. Stop thinking. Just do it!

Thinking is no good for anybody, and the more you think about stuff the more likely you’ll be thinking about the same stuff year after year and not doing anything about it.


As much as I am impulsive I’m stubborn. Stubborn to the point of my ability to keep trying, knocking on doors and pursuing something in my heart until I feel I am on the right tracks. I’m pretty confident… I think I’ve found my way!


But what about you? I’m pretty sure you don’t have endless years in your life to sit back and worry about it tomorrow.

What do you wish you had done last year that would’ve completely impacted your life this year? It may have not been fitness and nutrition related, it may have been something completely different, but sometimes you’ve just got to trust and let life lead the way.


Who knows what tomorrow will bring for me and you! If you play your cards close to your chest all the time it will be a pretty boring game. 


Is it time you took a chance on my coaching? You’re going to love what I’ve done with Abbie Curtis Fitness. It’s mind, body and soul stuff I’ve learned along my travels. 


In the meantime you can catch me at this link if you fancy delving a little deeper into what I do for people.