Ibiza Over The Decades – But What’s Next For Balearic Fashion?

The Balearic look has taken to fashion like a chameleon over the decades, as music and iconic influencers have been responsible for shaping the islands couture from one season to the next. As Acid House was fading in the early nineties, girls started to wear more feminine clothes, lots of white, ghostly, dresses that soon transformed into the baby doll which lead the early nineties made famous by Emma Bunton from the Spice Girls. 

Pig tails hung around ears, with more fierce clubbers choosing the horn look! The trend had a hippy-ness about it, which fitted perfectly with the loved up vibe of the music at the time. But as the sound changes year after year, a new wave of trendiness will inevitably set the scene for each coming season on the white isle, which is what makes this place so special.

With less than a few weeks until the opening night of the Ibiza Fashion Festival I was curious to find out the who’s who of this years designer line up at the event that brings fashion & music together as perfectly as a gin mixes to tonic! I have no doubt that the previous year will have been a key influence to a lot of the fashion designers work this season. But I wondered just how much the islands music scene, celebrity and original island couture continues to sway trends each year.

So who will be the style leaders this year eager to upstage the next with a new trend or self invented style from their own couture label? Before I delve just the surface of the long line up attending IFF let me for a moment reminisce… Summer of 1999, I find myself a little lost in life unsure of direction, so the natural thing for any lost soul is quite clearly Ibiza! A time when Carl Cox, Judge Jules, Armand Van Helden and Fat Boy Slim were the headliners of the moment. 

Crowds gathering to have their ears musically pleased formed one of two categories depending on the venue and music. More idyllic influencers would saunter around the rocky shores of Mambo losing them selves in the tranquil of the moment. While neon painted faces lost their inhibitions at clubs like, Space, Pacha and Amnesia, venues that fully welcomed and accepted the look of ‘PVC everything’ and gave uniform to the height enhancements of Destroyer Boots, studded bras and anything else verging  scary. If the Balearic heat wasn’t already enough, then this was the era to slip on a pair of white Yeti Boots to complete the seasons look, pop a candy stick in your mouth for good measure and you were fully accepted as a seasoned islander. And yes…. I did own a pair of Destroyer Boots and wore pigtails. The shame!

So enough digressing. Lets seek out a two designers from the elite mix up at this years famous Ibiza Fashion Festival. They have it all, from body glitter, hats, jewellery, swimwear, island couture….. I hope my bank balance is going to cope as the pop up stalls are going to be mega this year. Personally I have my eyes set of a few of my favourites. My love as you know is luxury swimwear, I created my line which holds within each bikini a perfect selection of gold jewellery. Statement is what I love and to accessories your swimwear so you stand out is exactly what this island scene should be about. No more boring bikinis I fist pump! 

Magpie to the treasure as I am, I couldn’t help but notice a Miss Caroline Azzi in this years announcement. A French Fashion Designer Based in Marbella, who specialises in exclusive jewellery and beachwear. Sounds like a girl I am going to love, plus she knows a thing or two about styling and celebrities so her Insta profile reads @caroline_azzi. Double tick!! I wanted to know what Caroline thought of this seasons look, do any of us know what this seasons look is yet? Where did Caroline get her own inspirations from? Here’s what she had to say…

“I believe this year’s look is going to be eclectic!! So many beautiful items out on the market!! Colourful or white ‘Boho Chic’ cotton kaftans and dresses, elegant bikinis that I will complement with sexy yet sophisticated body chain jewellery and metal cuffs. I believe that designers suggest the trends, but the eccentric visitors of the island will define it by combining clothes and accessories on the go.”

“I get my inspiration from my trips around the world while traveling to exotic destinations. I´m always excited to discover new cultures and get to use traditional materials I find on my way. I choose vibrant fabrics to design my summer dresses collection, cotton, silk, tropical or animal print fabrics. The inspiration for the jewellery comes from ancient cultures where women were considered queens, goddesses or warriors and were accentuated with gold or metallic body jewellery.”

How cool is that? Caroline really does have it all sewn up! Excuse then pun; see her on the catwalks at the various pop up shows throughout the IFF event. She is definitely a designer to watch and I am already a huge fan of cuffs, especially with swimwear!

So if you didn’t already know, up-cycling and ethical sustainability is the core of what the Ibiza Fashion Festival is all about, which is why I am also really keen to talk to Glammy Glitter Festival Fashion, check out their Insta @glammyglitterfestivalfashion All pieces are handmade by Tracy who came up with her business idea after creating herself a hat to wear to Glastonbury. The vibrant colours and the theatrical look of her work has really impressed me. Each hat is created to the customers individual preference. So every design is different, individual, and personal. Tracy hit the ground running with her business after being spotted at Glastonbury! 

“People literally were stopping me asking where my hat was from”, she said. “Press, reporters, fashionistas… I knew I was onto something so I started making more hats utilising everyday objects. I get inspiration and embellishments from absolutely everywhere, charity shops, broken jewellery, you name it. Then I just give it a new lease of life!”, she tells me.

What I find fascinating is that most of the hats she uses belonged to actual soldiers and will have their name inside. Each hat is a unique masterpiece. Each design is bespoke and reflects the life of its wearer with unusual pieces that draw from their interests and favourite colours like a tapestry. A hat of complete distinction! A fashion statement you can create yourself working with the designer on your own special look. Now thats what I call true fashion. See GGFF at the show, look out for them on the catwalk, trust me you won’t miss them.

If you want to experience all of the events designers first hand, the show kicks off on June 7 at Nikki Beach with a pop up runway retail outlet. Followed by a private press evening at Es Vive Sky Bar, do your best impression of a fashion designer for this one as it’s strictly invite only for the brands!

Hotel Es Vive invites guests to enjoy more runway action on June 8 as the sexy venue starts the main events build up. Then its off to Wi-Ki-Woo for the main festival between 11 and 12 June where guess will be treated to a two day fashion explosion, with 10 retail stalls featuring international brands and island based designers. There are runways scheduled between 4pm and 7pm on both days, DJ’s playing from 2pm – 11pm, live vocals from Rowetta – Happy Mondays, accompanied by the Allure Dancers. Its Miami meets Ibiza wrapped up in one steaming hot mix of fashion and music.

If you are interested in attending this event then Ibiza Fashion Festival takes place between June 7 and 12 and tickets are on sale right now at Event Bright. Follow this link to purchase https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/ibiza-fashion-festival-2018-tickets-43628374643

Visit the festival at:





Brands attending:

Nails By Baptiste

Bardou Salons

Fake Bake

Henna Vagabond

The Gypsy Shrine

Sparkle Pony

Make Up Glitter Bitch

Nima Vegan Brushes

Island brands:

Laire skin Care -Ibiza

Law Gin – Ibiza

Giggle Water Prosecco  – Ibiza

Pop Tails – Ibiza

Bohemian Boats – Ibiza


Caroline Azzi -Marbella

JoJo Beachwear – Ibiza & Brazil

Hand Made by Rosa Martella

Fashionistas – UK

Courage Festival Wear – Australia

Spine Eyewear – UK

Ibiza Bikinis – UK

Coco Sol Beachwear – Germany

We Are Nativ Swimwear – UK

Glammy Glitter Hats – UK

Capsized – Ibiza