Unless you’ve got eyes in the back of your head – don’t go backwards!

So I’m sat on a flight to Jersey right now petrified as usual I’m going to die! I’m trying to put my focus on something else in this horrendous weather so I’m reading the in flight mag which is dull as heck! In my normal style I flick from back to front – then reverse the process but going front to back. Another strange thing no one knows I do is eating with my knife and fork in the opposite hands and wearing my watch on the right arm. It makes me an individual I guess.

I’m also terribly impatient with small things like waiting for an app to download. I will go into another app just for 5 seconds to make sure I’m getting the most of my time before switching back to the previous app that’s hopefully downloaded. But I spend my life teaching people to look forwards, to have patience and follow a process that works when it comes to losing weight and sculpting a beach body. I’m not going to teach you bad habits although there’s nothing wrong with reading the last page of a book just to check you like the ending – guilty of that too!

Let me ‘be’ on my quirky stuff. But trust me on the stuff I’m not so weird about, like not promoting crap diets and eating habits, telling you Rome ‘was’ built in a day and having you believe that it’s ok to run your ass of doing cardio in order to achieve some unrealistic body you selected out of a magazine. Not I am not into telling lies. So let me teach you how to read the last page of the book in your journey, paint that picture first. Visualisation is a huge part of the process. I’m not that weird ok 🤣.

Ok, so yeah I floss first then brush, I tie my laces then put my shoes on and I sometimes reply to messages without reading them, especially if it’s to my Mum! She’s always happy with “Ok xxx” – seems to keep her pleased. Hope she’s not reading this!



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