It’s time to let off some steam.

Now, I’m not coming on here to moan tonight (that’s a massive lie) but I am pretty sure at one time in your life you’ve been in a position where you can sympathise with me. We’ve almost all been there when you are heading in your general direction minding your own business sticking roughly to the speed limit and then BAM!!! You see the ‘Ass Hole’ speeding van pointing its gun right in your face, that very moment you glance down and see 34mph on your speedometer. How many of you have tried to justify that in your mind, honestly how easy is it to get from 30mph to 34mph without pressing your foot at all. You could bloody sneeze and the impact would notch you up a few!

So my frustration is this, how many poor sods out there are genuine with their driving and just by sheer bad luck on the day they get stitched up by one of these curb c**** when in fact there’s a bunch of real idiots out there I can hear racing up and down the streets at midnight exceeding 60mph on a 40mph limit road! But they don’t get caught because the bloody speedzilla guy (yes assuming gender) would never be arsed to do the night shift as they won’t make their markup for the day because of the lack of numbers on the road…

Today I was just another number racking up the dollar the city council make over the petty 4mph extra I was doing on the bloody 30mph road. You see, to them the numbers are a BIG deal, even the small ones. There’s no rewards for passing through him 5mph under multiple times which are used as a PASS GO for the one time you do by human error flex your foot a mere mil just though BREATHING!

Ok, I am done now, so thanks for that! I still don’t know if I got the dam ticket but chances are I won’t be surprised to be receiving it through the post. When numbers mean this much to the law I sometimes question why they don’t mean that much to my clients. If only they meant as much… People don’t praise themselves enough for the small victories they make with their training and that drives me nuts, yes it may only be 1lb this week Susan, but that 1lb is a big deal en route to your fat loss goals. Let’s now ask her if she wants me to add that 1lb of fat back onto her stomach and then the answer I’d hear is NO WAY! So be happy, celebrate the 1lb, so what if its slow progress, you’re still making progress, just like the Ass Hole who did a bunch of people for going 1mph over the speed limit today – he’s totally celebrating his ONE….

Celebrate the victories and when you get the losses – to hell with it, all I can say is I am glad I am a PT and not sat in a van with a trigger…. Alright I know its not his fault but it just needs venting. Rant Over!