I’ve got these mates that are bloody useless – it makes me question if they really are friends because half the time I get in contact and make arrangements they are useless at sticking to them.

It’s like they need a PA to structure their week/month for them. I am pretty organised and know what’s what most of the week, I plan my time against what is in the diary and on the odd occasion I cock up I will certainly make plans to rearrange the meeting or reschedule the task I missed.

I guess I expect the same of my mates – like yesterday I had scehuled in to see someone and they didn’t bother turning up. If I give my time to you, you’re privileged. I am bloody busy right now filming for the AC Beach Body App coming out this June, and right now that really is my priority. My social life is not at the top of my list so I am honest with my mates when I don’t have much time.

You can’t go around in life aimlessly getting by like a headless chicken. If you do you aint getting very far – you’re what I call a dreamer, you have all these grand plans yet you never get anywhere close to reaching them. And yet these people will happily waste your time as well.

I have become increasingly selfish lately and if I don’t want to do something I will say no and think little of it. I think it is better to do that than commit and let someone down. I am the same with my training – I am so dedicated to it and if I did run around like the half hearted Henrys out there I’d probably never make it to the gym!

I’m all or nothing and so should you be. If you want something bad enough like the body of your dreams, you will get of your ass and work for it. You will schedule the time into your diary and stick to it. You will prioritise it even if it means you say NO once in a while. It really isn’t hard stuff people…

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