Getting what you want!

As much as giving to your goal is important – having fun for me is far more important. But you don’t need to go without just because you have your sights set firmly on the prize. Oh no, you just have to be smart about the way you go about “getting what you want” in this life!

Today I met a few guys who know just how to get what they want and give it to others! Dream team if you ask me…. So what do the do? Well they are wine makers, but what they offer is something we all crave, the ability to splurge on the good stuff without the concern of the calorific effects it has on us.

I met them down in Chichester at The Kennels just outside the GoodWood Motor Circuit (my first job was working there for an aviation company). I wanted to find out how they came up with the technique and they told me what they could about their well guarded secret. Then I sampled a few glasses – shocked to say this but it was nicer than most champagnes!

Check out the interview I had with Simon from SL’M Wines today and watch us discuss the amazing benefits of his products and how we can all relax just a little, have some fun and still manage to have the indulgence of alcohol fit our macros and remain on track with our body goals.

My approach to dieting is all about having fun! My clients live reletively normal lives while eating to get in shape and they still get the results they want without depriving themselves of “having a life”. Come be a part of my community, it’s all free and you will be introduced to fantastic people just like the Slim Wines guys who are bridging the gap between Fun & Fitness nicely. 



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