So today I’m going to encourage you to have a little of whatever you want. I’m always sending you messages of influence to get your head in gear. But today my message is this. Enjoy your life and have the things you like when you want them!

I’ve just stuffed two giant cookies and I’m currently on my second glass of red wine. Although I promote health and fitness doesn’t mean I’m not a real person. When I’m low or sad I either don’t eat or I just eat what I like without care. 

Todays one of those days, it’s been a (excuse my french) fucking awful 48 hours. My “I don’t give a shit” levels are pretty high and although I feel sick after scoffing down the cookies I feel comfort that I’m enjoying life. Because there are some poor people out there who deserve what you’ve got but can’t have it. So don’t waste the good times. 

Live in balance, indulge when it feels right and when you’re ready to focus again do so with intensity. Honour your body with good nutrition and exercise and sometimes let it all go! Life’s for living and if you’re lucky enough to have your health then respect that. 

Let go every once in a while and be thankful for the amazing body you have. Some of us in this world are taken short, too soon! It’s unfair that they should have less of this life than us, it’s wrong and it hurts. So instead of being so serious, just once in a while be a kid again. Eat cookies for dinner and just stop giving a shit. 

But in respect of your body and fortunate health, when you’re done NOT giving a shit focus on caring for your body by training with me and my AC Beach Body team. We are real, normal and we eat what the hell we like and we are fitter and healthier than most!

Now I’ve a bottle of red to finish and my thoughts to gather. 

Night all……



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