It’s not often that we are privileged to have an abundance of time on our hands. We’re usually cramming tasks into our weeks trying to prioritise and most of the time having to go without when other things are not important. 

Now all of a sudden our lives have turned upside down, our plans have been changed for us and we’re not used to this relaxed living, less stress and for what could be a better word – boredom. But, remember those days when all you could think about was having an extra hour in your day. More time to spend on doing the things you love and the opportunity to slow the pace of life down. 

We may all be a little shook up by the current state of our communities, but that’s the card we have been dealt for now. So my suggestion is take this opportunity to enjoy this slower pace of life, try not to get too caught up in this depressing media show and be sensible with your socialising. Use the time to indulge in the exercise you’ve never got time for. Organise those cupboards you’ve been meaning to sort , have a clear out or get your nutrition in order by planning your weeks calories to reach your goals. 

I know some of you were not supportive of my views when I posted my thoughts on all of this Coronavirus stuff on Facebook this morning. I honestly don’t care!! My views are my own and my social space belongs to me. I stand by what I said still. Put it this way if I was 70 plus I’d be careful who I spend time with, I’d be sensible and look after myself best I could. If I wanted to get on with life then I would! That would be my choice. You can’t coop up the world. But it’s up to the individual to stay away if they’re concerned. 

If I wasn’t elderly (let’s say) I’d simply not go near the elderly or people who are weak through other illnesses. Common sense says not to. But if I need to live, then I will live in sensible measures. The chances of dying from this thing in good health is as it stands statistically extremely rare to zero. I’d probably let the media circus play out, ignor it and get about my life until people get bored of this – which they will do. Then hope our economy hasn’t been completely fucked over so we can resume a normal life. 

So for those who have disagreed with me or have their own opinion that is fine. I’m not saying this isn’t serious for the older people or those with underlying health problems already. I’m simply saying that locking the world away isn’t going to be sustainable unless we are ready for the collapse of our industries, services and supplies. WHAT I am saying is that the sick and old should be protected, whatever way that is deemed appropriate to safeguard them from this virus (or whatever term you choose to use for it).

And if that means isolating them then it should be done – until we can let this die out, but listen, likelihood of that happening without a vaccine is slim, so don’t expect the world to stop until we get one. No doubt someone will pipe up saying that’s just unfair! Next thing that will be unfair is they’ll complain they can’t get anything, medical help, food, transportation. And the reason being for that will be because they suggested the entire world went into isolation… Argue if you will!

Simple as that. 

So enjoy this circus and it’s wake. Take the time to exercise and look after your health and invest in your training a little more. Come join my team for some encouragement and motivation. You can’t get Coronavirus online now can you 🤯. In the meantime I am going to hoover the gym!



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