Bottom line is with all of us is we are just scared of failing. You can’t deny it, and living in such a demanding challenging world, as soon as you accomplish one thing sure as hell, you’ll be presented with something new to freak you out, until you overcome obstacle after obstacle.

There’s always going to be  someone out there ahead of you, someone you secretly love to hate because you just wish you could be like them, do like they do or look the same as they do. But why are we all so scared? Failure really isn’t something that exists. Get me right! So I have promised you all I will do some exercise circuits live on my social platforms, I am stressing my ass off about it, yet I don’t know why as I am not scared of the camera. I am like, “Maybe my wifi will cut out, or my tripod will fall, or I will get worn out on camera”, so freaking what!!! 

Bloody hell I am driving my own self nuts. All this Til Tok stuff looks cool and yeah I really wish I was creating that kinda content. Went on there and OMG I produced the lamest video EVER!! It was so crap I deleted it and YEP I felt like I failed. Why though? Just because everyone else had made it look so easy? Well YA! Thats how I felt, but bet you they never posted the videos of them trying to make a great video. I sure as heck was NOT going to post mine. So CRINGE I can’t even say.

So, *YOU OUT THERE FREAKING OUT OVER YOUR EXTRA FAT* Yes YOU!!! I know why you are scared, you don’t want to fail, because i know you want the results so bad, you don’t want to suffer the feeling of not making it through and ending up still fat and miserable. YEP I am going to be blunt. You are fat and you don’t want to be! Pointless trying to be nice about it. Yet you don’t do anything about it because you are scared you’ll fail. Well here is what you do when you are scared to do something. YOU JUST JUMP!!!!!!!

Just like this!

AC Beach Body LIVE Workouts

Monday 20/4 10am – Full Body Circuit and Tabata Cardio
Friday 24/4 10am – Full Body Circuit and Jump rope Cardio

You know what’s really funny though? I can’t even jump rope 😉 No joke, I am shit at it, but I am willing to be real because ALL of you are real too!

Quit being scared of getting your body in shape, stop worrying you will fail, tomorrow could be your last day on this planet (I hope it isn’t) So come jump some fucking rope with me – I am scared too!


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