I know a lot of you are struggling at the moment with the fact that gyms are closing down and you have little or no access to equipment. 

It’s a really frustrating time for everyone especially when it affects your life and ultimately your goals when you are desperately trying to keep on track. I sympathise with you all, but I want to tell you that as an online PT I teach home training to the majority of my clients not because of how accessible it is, but because a lot of them like to train at home.

With the current outbreak of the virus spreading further across the globe I think that any measure taken to counteract the increase in numbers contracting this should really be taken. The sooner we can get on top of this the better, but it doesn’t mean to say you have to jeopardise your training progress in the meantime.

While toilet rolls and other items are in short supply I can guarantee you Amazon will still be able to deliver you a set of dumbbells and a training mat. So if you’re desperate to keep up with your exercise, signup to my personalised home coaching program, you will get my full attention a training program and a detailed nutrition plan that will teach you a lot more than you currently know about food and how it effects your body. 

At times like this it’s important to make the most of what we have got. I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself that my flight has been cancelled this coming Friday as the UK has been banned from entering the US – but I have to swallow the situation right now and just work with what we’ve got. So I am going to make sure I bury this repetitive news with loads of fun and as much quality time spent with my children as possible at home.

So here is my offer! If gyms are closed for the next four weeks then I will throw in nutrition and training for you that will be less of the price of 4PT sessions. Plus you will have equipment that’s yours to keep and I will send you a training program teaching you how to utilise your home environment in order to sculpt an amazing beach body. Oh and how to eat to make your efforts work for you.

So up yours COVID-19 this team remains strong and we will beat you! Have a good day people and drop me an email to eat and train at home with me. 



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