Cast your mind way back to a time when some of the most trivial things meant the world to you. Can you remember? It’s a shame as we grow into adults that we lose that magic within us that makes the world such an incredible and special place.

I remember blowing a dandelion in the wind and counting those numbers so intent on seeing the little parachutes fly. Knowing the Easter Bunny is on his way and getting so excited and looking in the bushes to see if I could find him. Even getting a new bubble bath was exciting, I’d see it on the shelf and be so excited to squirt it in the water when I got home.

Remember getting Kinda eggs and the feeling of excitement just knowing that inside that chocolate egg would be a toy – but you just didn’t know what it would be. I just don’t feel the same way about Kinda eggs anymore and I think it’s such a massive shame. Where did all those magical moments go?

Believing in stuff is where the magic happens, and I think along the way a lot of us have got lost, not just the stuff around us but with ourselves too! We have little belief in the magic anymore, but just because we can’t see it doesn’t mean to say it isn’t there! When a child can’t see something it is more real than ever! I think we all need to start being children again.

Believing in the Tooth Fairy, Flower Fairy, Elves, Santa, Easter Bunny, an imaginary friend or even that you’re favourite character is real is a quality that our children posses. And sadly we don’t. Heck, we hardly believe in ourselves anymore which is so bloody sad. We’re all to blame here and it may come in all different ways. Maybe you don’t believe your good enough for your partner, maybe you think you can’t get the promotion, maybe you have lost faith in your ability to be a good parent, or maybe you have lost faith in yourself so much so that you don’t believe you can get your body out of the rut it is in.

It’s time to create some magic in your life again, let’s get that belief back into you! There is magic within us all but this shite society we live in has been sucking us dry for too long. Draining us of our spirit, making us drink and eat to get some excitement back, spend money on crap that serves us with no purpose and inevitably ridding us of our finances, health, self belief, self worth and positive mind set. We’ve been fooled!

From the day we left school we were throw into the community, ultimately to go and find the job of our dreams! On a treadmill with the rest of society looking for the light, something that gives us happiness, chasing a dream in life we could not ever reach. For what ever reason we got lost searching to find ourselves. But what were we looking for? Money, partners, homes, cars! I will tell you – Happiness! 

Now ask yourself about how you feel about YOU! If you don’t feel great you won’t look great, if you don’t live up to the body image you desire you will constantly be seeking to get it. If you can’t get it you will constantly be in a state of unease with yourself, which will reflect your inner state and in turn how you interact with the rest of the world. Inner happiness is the key to getting your magic back, and I can help you find it.

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