As I stood in the Parcel Force office (behind the “coronavirus” taped line on the floor) waiting for someone to answer the call of the bell I tried to gather my thoughts. Try as I might so many things were whirling through my head at light speed that I started to feel exhausted by my own thought train. 

I’m like this at times, especially right now seeing as I’ve so much work to get on with yet I either can’t get alone to do it or the people who are working on my projects with me are at home and currently at a halt too! So the frustration sets in and the cogs are whirling trying to compartmentalise a route forward to get back on track. 

A moment later I had to shut my brain down. I remembered learning how to do it after reading Ekhart Tolle’s book The Power Of Now. A great read if you are suffering from “mind noise”. I stood staring at the line in a mind void, finally peace! And just like that the door opened and the lady asked if she could help me. 

In the car heading home the chatter started again, “Milk, get some milk, no got enough, tonights email, I’ll write it on, no maybe something else”. On it went….

I’m tired right now. Tired of everything, work, the house, feeling tired, myself. And then I remembered my escapism aside Ekhart, it’s training! That’s why I do it isn’t it, that’s why I want to help others so much, because it is the doorway to escape! Then I realised we’ve all got a door but each and every one of them looks different. 

I watched one of my bestest friends live on Facebook today as he threw together a really great set DJing from his home. When I met him 21 years ago for the first time I looked up and there he was – doing the exact same thing he still loves doing today. He works in a bar still, he’s an entertainer it makes him him, doing what he does sets him alive inside.  Thats why he’s too good!

We’ve all got that “thing” that little passion that makes us who we are! I write, I write everyday to you to inspire you to get moving to find that door and walk through it. And I hope you do! Fitness may not be for you at first but trust me you need it. Walk through the door often enough and soon you’ll be a frequent user of the exit that takes you from that constant conversation in your mind to a place a quiet concentration. A place where you can be, you!



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