I am pretty sure that your day has consisted on some enjoyment with your family, being in your company or form the screens of your mobile phones. Right now nothing is stopping us from having fun! I am being careful, staying home and as they have allowed, I am getting out to sensible places where possible.

I drove to the beach today as I really wanted to see some sand and walk, got there and it was shut! Yes it was closed 😉 Oh my days what on earth, you have to laugh, we can’t even go to the beach now. So we went out into the garden, the spring/summer was upon us and we planted some really cool flowers and inflated the bouncy castle. This is my sunbathing spot during the summer months, its bloody awesome.

I think I have had more fun over the last week than I have had in ages. I have spoken to so many people, usually I am head down into work just speaking to my clients, getting a coffee, training alone and focusing on my to-do list. Yesterday was hilarious, we filmed for the app for about 4 hours, Bradley and I can only manage that long before we go nuts, and then afterwards as we left, we saw a fish and chip shop and were like, “I fancy fish and chip, shall we go?” er hell yeah we both said… Fitness filming done and straight in for chips and sauce. So funny! You’ve got to have the stuff you love, I’ve needed chips for ages and I got them.

I have enjoyed Mothers Day apart from the beach bit :-). I saw my Nan and Grandad it was too funny, my Grandad is the biggest joker and he shoved a piece of plastic tubing through the letter box with candy canes stuffed in the end for the kids as we were speaking through the glass. For lunch I made an afternoon tea, then drank a bottle of prosecco and went to play in the garden. I have eaten so much in the last few days that tomorrow I am excited to really hit my carb cycling program again.

Its gloves off people I am getting lean and buff for summer and I am literally so excited for life right now. Honestly all this aside, we really can be happy. We have our friends and families. And even if you have very little of either of those I have to say that social media is actually a lovely place. I couldn’t be without it, I love seeing my friends making me laugh and also meeting new people every week through interacting on facebook and instagram.

Life is good people, if you have a zest for it you will go grab those things you long for. My topic of conversation is fitness 99.9% of the time and to be honest right now it is a HUGE topic and I am proud to promote it. I love you all (I am a bit tipsy right now) but I do. Apart from the weirdos out there who message me daily – I don’t love you, I think you are fucking creepy as shit and you need to do one! But to the genuine people who love my message, take this one. Be happy, believe in yourselves and trust that your health can be something you will fall in love with if you get some excitement under your belt about it.

Eat food you love, get balance, train hard, and fall the fuck in love with yourself!

I am ready to coach the hell out of you people – April coaching is STILL open as a few dropped out! Why though??? Why??? This is the time to do this, this is the change you need and be thankful for the situation – we are all in together, so treat it as an opportunity not a problem. Take it and and use it…. We won’t be doing this forever…. I am waiting for you at the end of this email….



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