There’s one thing in this life that will always divide us, unfortunately as long as there is religion, race, colour and difference there will always be divide. As sad as that sounds I honestly believe that to some degree we will all always have our segregations, even in same race communities that differ in opinion, wether that be a political divide, ethical, environmental, sport, science, or god knows what. The argument will lie within us as a society until the day this world blows up and disintegrates into the cosmos.

So all there is to do is find a degree of acceptance with our opposing teams, enemies, neighbours or whoever it is we have a differing opinion to. The world is full of hate, but it is full of love too! What is going on right now is one thing that has united us. You are all fragile to the invisible enemy regardless of your race. You are all living a restriction and fighting a united battle. And for once we all want the same thing – for this to stop and for our loves to be saved.

For once in history as far as I have been alive we are all finally united. You have to look at things from the best perspective as you can, not only in this situation but long before this happened, yet it is hard for may to see the positives in such negatives. But look around you, I guarantee you can find something within the last two weeks that you now have that you didn’t before. I can’t answer that for you, but I know you can!

That is why I love fitness so much – it is the only thing in this world which unites us. We are all living in a human body that works the same way as they next persons. Granted it maybe a different colour, with beliefs that don’t fit yours and it may hail from a county you’ve never been to before with a dialect you cannot understand; but at the root of it, everybody has the same body as you.

Comminuites of fitness lovers are strong, supportive and unique. So this is why I spend my days growing my facebook group community to reach as many people as possible every day. Everyone there is seeking the same goal – health and a body they are at peace with. One woman may be looking to lose weight, while another maybe looking to gain. A guy may want to grow more muscle, while the next just wants to improve his cardio fitness. Although unique we are all the same, the ultimate goal is improvement.

I promise you this spell will unite us, and even more so it will prove that we can live together as individuals despite our beliefs and opinions. That’s what makes us unique; so why should we want to change one another? Fitness for me if my way of driving the message to you all that in a world where we feel at war, we are just fighting ourselves. Learn to love and respect your body and be around those who share the same goal as you. Thats how you win a war….

Love you all….



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