The best way to predict your future is to create it. – Abraham Lincoln

For Christmas I got a beautiful glass dressing table. I’ve never had one before and it wasn’t something I considered ever buying myself. I didn’t see it as a necessity. But every morning and every night I sit at my dressing table now, I realise what a lovely thing it is to have and before I had it I used to find removing my makeup such a chore before bed.

Now this is a weird comparison to fitness I know but since I received this dressing table I take pride in my makeup, applying it and my skin care routine. I never thought that by having a dressing table these basic daily activities would seem so much more pleasurable. It dawned on me this morning that to have half the gear you’ve never really got your intentions in the right place.

Before Christmas came I’d uncomfortably try and peer into the mirror that was set too high on the wall, and rummage for things in makeup bags or shelves I could never find. But now I have all my things tidy in one place, its easy to access and it’s nice to have a place I can go to each day thats all set up and ready to use.

So how does this relate to you and your fitness? Well quite simply it’s the same thing, you’ll find people with all the will in the world who want to lose weight so they join a gym, but they’ve only done half the leg work.

Lets say they joined the gym with a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve and how they wanted to achieve it by having a decent personalised nutrition program and a structured training program. By having a plan in place to go with the gym equipment would complete all that is needed to enjoy the gym or home gym experience instead of it being, well, being a disorganised frustration!

Are you getting me? 😂

I offer personalised nutrition programs and training programs to complete everything you need to make your workout start working for you! Fitness, body change, fat loss, muscle gain, whatever you want to achieve has been achieved by many before you, but what they had which you do not is a goal and a means of reaching it. Without a goal a dream is just going to pass you by. So what can I do for you?

My 4 week training program and personalised nutrition plan is great for someone who just wants to go it alone the majority of the time, it’s £249. For this you get 4 weekly check ins with coaching teaching you about carb cycling and how to make adjustments to your program as you progress. Great for people with small body goals or little weight to lose who just need that edge to get there. Read what my customers have to say

Next up I have my 12 week coached program for people who need regular motivation, advice and to create a new lifestyle habit across a broader period of time. You will be coached through your fitness and nutrition journey as intensely as you wish in order to make the biggest impact on your body. If you need to lose 14lbs or under this is the course for you, enabling you a realistic time frame in which to meet your goals safely and effectively. Likewise this is a good timeframe to start seeing some muscle too! The course is  £599. I coach you monitoring your progression, making nutrition changes, advising you through the training while managing your sets, reps, rest periods and cardio. Each week you check in and we evaluate your progress. You have access to me 7 days a week and I keep in contact throughout to make sure you are sticking to your program. We work through mind set, setting realistic goals, progressive overload, training alternatives, training on how to create your own meal plans that suit your macros, targeting a consistent weight loss through adjusting cardio and calorie intake while teaching you how to take on your own health and fitness regime without the need of a coach on completion of the course. Read my customer reviews

Want to have a chat? Drop me a line at to schedule a call. I like to get to know prospective clients ahead of working for them. Personal Training is “personal” and to assess your needs I need to understand who I’m working for.

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PS: “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”

Abraham Lincoln