Have you ever been caught short with a yogurt or soup on the go and you don’t have a spoon 🤣 When your desperate you’ll find anyway possible to eat even if it means spooning yogurt out of a pot with a bottle top! Yep did it and didn’t work out too well. Tried drinking it and it fell in my lap and all over the car seats 😫

Just like the time I forgot my wellies and tried implementing with plastic bags. Perfect if you want to slip up on your ass in a mud pit. Won’t be doing that again either. God knows what you lot have been doing without toilet paper! I hope it’s not what this guys suggesting 🤣

Simply put, get the tools for the job if you want results and put yourself out of your misery fast. So click the links below for starters and then enrol on one of my online coaching programs. You’ll have me to deal with 7 days a week but I promise you I will sharpen your tools so freaking hard you’ll not know what’s hit you. That or you’ll just have a fit ass body!

  • 4 week starter course
  • 12 week body change course
  • 16 week master class
  • 24 overhaul class – you’re in it for the log haul basically

Depending you your goals I well establish which is best suited to you. This will also depend on the type of person that you are and how self motivated you can be to drive yourself towards your desired body results. First we have a free consultation where I find out what makes you tick, what your areas of weakness are and why so far you haven’t achieved what you want on your own. Normally we have a laugh, really informal and just a chat about fitness, food, you and your life!

Once we’ve established all of that we decide what method would  work best for your individual needs, what the goals is, how we are going to reach it young a structure that is measurable and then we roughly give the goal a timeframe. This is the period in which you will be coached in order to finally get what you have been wanting from your fitness and nutrition – that is a body you are going to look at in the mirror and be proud of.

What do I do to you? I educate you! Imagine enrolling at college on a Personal Training Course. There you will be taught everything needed to be able to take a client from start point to end point coaching them to eat and train in a particular style in order to reach their goals. BUT – you’re not going to do that because you don’t want to be a PT. HOWEVER – I believe knowledge is power and I also believe you shouldn’t need to keep paying a PT week after week, month after month, year after year to get the body you want. If you haven’t got the body you want by now you are with the wrong PT and you have little knowledge on the topic.

SO!!!! I am going to training you like a Personal Trainer. Once I am done coaching you through the course you will have learnt the things you should be taught in order to take care of your body for the rest of your life. This is a course to educate you and set you free of the never ending cycle of striving for results. That game is over. Imagine the money you will save, and imagine the knowledge you will gain plus the body we will create for you!

Ta da that’s it for tonight. Out! 😘👊🏻…



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