Mmmmm short and sweet…. I’ve been craving some serious amounts of things that are sweet and as I write this I am reminded of those little square biscuits covered in chocolate that you get in vending machines – what are they called, ah that’s it Cadburys SNACK! shortcake. They are my absolute favourite in the world.

I used to work at a local radio station as a wanna be presenter (I made the tea) and between running everyones errands I’d pass the vending machine and eye up the chocolate, this is when I first discovered these biscuits. I really want some now, but I guess trying to get them in the shops is going to be like finding gold dust in the bottom of my bag – there’s dust in there just not that kind 😉

So short and sweet, I did digress there a little haha – but I am fresh out of a triple upper dropset session in the gym and my brains a bit wonky. I don’t usually train so hard but seeing as there’s not much else to do right now I had a play with my sets and reps to challenge myself a bit. I am sore as hell typing this but if you don’t push yourself whats the point. I only trained, shoulders, biceps and lats so what was meant to be a short session actually turned into quite an intense one.

I hit 12, 10, 8, 6, 4 reps for 4 sets ranging 3kg, 4kg, 5kg, 6kg and 10kg. It bloody killed me. I went heavier on the rows which is where I finished up with 4 reps of 12.5kg. So as you can see my quick little upper session had me in the gym for quite sometime. Normally I will bang out 4 sets of 12 and be done with it in no time but I am glad I gave tonights training some intensity.

Never underestimate how much you can give a short training session. Mix up your reps and sets, maybe running a little less than I did if you’re low on time, but I promise you will be coming out the other end feeling sweet 😉 And a little sore, but you’ll deserve a treat afterwards and it will all be worth the while. I might be deserving a nurofen as well in a minute and a very hot bath…

So thats it, short and sweet which ever way you look at it. But if you want a little daily motivation from me, a punchy little post each day to keep you on track then click the links below and flow me at AC Beach Body Fitness – you may as well make a few online friends if you’re going to be stuck at home – and they are all a real nice bunch from all over the world. I love them any way… and the biscuits!



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