It’s time to bring this up.

I don’t know about you but I am a massive Amazon fan – a life made easy is a life worth enjoying more, and what I love about their service being a Prime Member is that next day delivery and the easy barcode scanning returns service that they offer. You should have seen me post Christmas returning box after box of the stuff I ordered but didn’t want – who ever was behind me in the line would have been so pissed 😉

So this morning I had to return something that was dropped off! The box it came in was mahoosive, anyone would have thought I had ordered a microwave and not a bloody microphone! Talk about over compensating, there was just no need for the sheer volume of cardboard handed to me that basically weighted nothing. My question is WHY! What are they trying to achieve here? What is the deal with trying to deliver small things in large boxes – penis extension not needed Amazon!

What a waste of space and cardboard – (pointing finger at those companies who are just creating waste issues that are not necessary). Same goes for paper straws that go soggy meaning you use about 4 per drink, waste of time. Just drink from the glass! The 5p carrier bag; an idea to make people bring an eco bag to the shop – yet 99.9% of the time if like me you forget it and end up spending 30p on plastic – just refuse to offer bags, guarantee no one would forget an “eco” bag then. 

Waste is a massive problem in this world and we are all responsible of doing it! Wasting our time is one of the BIGGEST problems as well – see too many people wasting their time! Which annoys me as so many people are saying they don’t have time! Manage your time and you get more of it, which could be spent working on your nutrition and training in the gym! See I always squeeze the enthusiasm in there somehow 😉

So stop packaging your problems up into BIG boxes! Stop over compensating for the time you don’t have by filling it with more stupid tasks that are unnecessary and spend more time on working on the stuff you can control…. Your health!!! Sadly we can’t control Amazons penis extension cardboard boxes, paper straw consumption or the 5p plastic bag scheme, you’re gonna have to live with that I am afraid. But don’t come moaning to me saying that you can’t find the time in your day to get some exercise in if you’re too lazy to create some space in your cluttered life!

Put less in your mouth and move your legs a bit more. Hey, there’s always Amazon returns to keep you busy walking back and forth from the post office as 9 times out of 10 all we buy is crap off it anyway hahaha 😉 Why not come over and join the rest of the smart people at my Facebook Group page where stuff gets done and we all find time to educate ourselves on what we put in our bodies and how we spend our time in the gym, burning calories jumping on beds or just pretending to carry heavy fucking boxes containing nothing to look busy 😉



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