There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being made totally unwelcome is there. You give your life to your kids and then out of the blue their room becomes a forbidden area of the house (unless it needs cleaning of course), they try eating in it, staying up secretly late in it, they wear headsets and chat to their mates and if you go into the room they look at you all paranoid, as if they’ve something to hide on the Xbox, they look at you as if you are an alien.

I tried to take interest in his Google Meet the other day and I really was made to feel like I was useless and didn’t understand such technology and that I really shouldn’t be trying to hold a conversation about things I know nothing about. I mean come on kid, I worked on 3rd line support for an IT company for a while and studied Java Script for two years, I am not a dumb ass.

As I write this I am sat in his room borrowing my charger cable for my computer. I am not allowed to take it back into my office because they’re in the middle of something that is critical and they cannot be without power!!! Geeesus!!! He continues to giggle unaware I am still here as he taps away on his keyboard with his headphones turned up.

I am made aware of how it feels to feel like the newbie, the uneducated person who doesn’t understand the cool stuff that everyone else is getting to enjoy. I am allowed in here because I have not bothered him (so far) but when my times up he will certainly make it known by giving my the look of “why are you still here?”.

Do you remember the first time you walked into the gym, I do. I was about 18 years old, no clue what I was doing, daren’t go into the guys areas and kept my profile low and tried to read how to use the equipment without making it obvious that’s what I was doing. I could feel the eyes questioning my presence and I didn’t feel I had a right to train where the guys were, I literally didn’t understand anything about the equipment or how to use it.

Tonight I feel like that again a little bit. I know there are a ton of you out there who know how it feels to feel lost in the gym, uneducated on what your are doing, uneasy in the presence of others who are clued up and embarrassed about how you look. You are eyeballing equipment without a clue how to use it and you are trying to fit in yet all the while feeling so bloody lost a helping hand would be more than welcome right now.

Trust me I’ve absolutely no interest in playing whatever that is he’s playing with his mates. I’d rather go hand pick all those dog shite bags up dumped on the walk I saw this morning, what’s with that though? Quick digress, they pick it up, bag it and then chuck it back on the floor!!! Nobs…

Anyway, I cannot wait to show you my new app launching this summer, everything you ever needed to know about nutrition and training explained. Personal messages from me to you teaching you everything you’d ever be asking right there in your pocket.

Seriously I have to get out of his room, the giggling is more like screeching and he’s constantly looking over his shoulder to see if I am looking. Something else you newbies do in the gym. Trust me no one is looking, they’re just focused on their own training, try to relax and take it easy, all this comes with experience.

In the meantime while you are waiting for the app to launch you could always take me up on my one-2-one coaching where I teach you first hand everything while training you (at home right now) and monitoring your nutrition on a tailored meal plan to make sure you are not only getting the education you need but the progress to go with it.

Get in touch, oh and click the links below for a daily dose of motivation.

PS: He would kill be if he knew I posted this tonight – I mean KILL ME!!!



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