My serial dater mate is gonna get called out!

I’ve got this friend who I absolutely adore – known her for years and love her personality, what she is about and her ability to bring a shit load of laughs to our lives whenever there’s a party. But, and this is the but I wish I wasn’t going to bring up – she just cannot find happiness in her relationships with men.

There, Iv’e said it – and the funny thing is is that she will get this email as she is subscribed to my Legendary Daily Emails click this is you are reading this through Facebook!

So, she meets a guy and they go for a date! She loves the Tinder by the way (something I have never thought about doing and never would – I am happy) because I guess it’s an convenient way for her to speed up the selection process. She’s very busy 😉

Second date, all going well and the guy is falling for her – unbeknownst to the poor fella he’s about to be lying in bed with a serial turncoat with pretty bad commitment issues, extreme underlying boredom with routine and a general inability to maintain focus on anything other than her instagram account for more than 5 minutes at a time.

Sounds like you at the gym right 😉

I feel for the guy at this point – he’s confused at the lack of communication, crossed signals. She is putting up her walls because he simply asked her if she fancied a weekend away on him and to add insult to the wound she posts pictures of her Friday night out when she said she felt rough and couldn’t make it over to his.

The sad thing is she actually likes the guy, she’s messed up though and can’t let go of her fear of being with him. She’s got the jitters and is feeling pretty stressed about the whole situation. And, inevitably he drops her like a hot cake after the Friday night embarrassment he endured when his mates pulled him on it after seeing her posting pictures of her shots lined up with the girls.

Then in true (not going to say her name) style – she bloody pines for him! OMFG seriously…. Phone rings and we discuss, I eye roll the entire conversation and then the cycle repeats some weeks later on the next swipe left or right.

(I wouldn’t know the swipe way trust me!).

How frustrating not to be able to commit to something you could fall in love with and that could bring you such happiness because you have some issues with believing it could actually work! Why swap for something else when you’ve not even given it a chance to see how it goes?

That’s why I strongly recommend you join my community at AC Beach Body Fitness and train with me. If you feel like running I will run you down and get you back on track. Don’t be like Jenny (opps did I just say her name;-) Called you out babe –

Oh and YOU reading this – Nothing is going to bring you that beach body if you keep trying something new – stick to the program, give it a chance and have some faith. The grass is not greener – I promise you…. 



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