So today’s been interesting. I spent 5 hours driving around trying to pick my other half up from a flight that depearted JFK last night, but I got his message this morning saying, “pick me up at 9am”. To which I’m like, “from fucking where!?”. By the time I’d read the message he was airborne so I took a chance with Gatwick Airport. 9am came and went. By 10:15am I finally get a call. “I’m at Heathrow, where are you?” 😩. 

Eventually we get home I then get stuck into trying to amuse the kids. I’m playing Nerf Gun wars and I’m shot repeatedly in the ass before realising I’ve burnt the pizza. Ok, all going great. Next up I’m a teacher, trying to figure out the online system with an extremely reluctant 10 year old who says he can’t review the school book as it’s just plain boring. 

Give me strength I scream! Ok mini sit down on the sofa then it’s time to go through all of your emails and give you all a good kick up the bottom. Right now you’ll need it more than ever, I could do with some too. Big worry is progress, everyone’s freaking out that they’re going to just turn into a blob without their gym and that their mental state is already deteriorating with the staying at home going on. 

Well, chill Winston! You’re safe. Aside being confined you’ve still got arms and legs so be thankful. It’s YOU that needs convincing that anything is possible with fitness. Your nutrition shouldn’t be the problem as you’ve all the tools you need in the kitchen. More than likely the real issue is – you don’t know what to do with it! So you need a plan. Get on my program and in the next 24 hours you’ll have one. Second hurdle is training. Ok so all you’ve got is YOU and the floor! Well news flash. Again you’ve arms and legs and you’re fortunate to have a floor under a roof! So in two paragraphs we’ve established you have got the following:

1: A Kitchen

2: Food

3: An able body hopefully. However there are more disabled people out there achieving more than you right now…

4: A space in which to exercise. 

We have also discovered the things you’re lacking:

1: A Nutrition Plan

2: A Home Training Program. 

I think we make mountains out of mole hills most of the time. So if this is you I can tell you now what you need to work on first is. 


I spend more time re-wiring peoples minds prior to getting into weight loss and training than I do teaching them how to understand the fundamentals of reaching their goals. As Abraham Lincoln said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe”.



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