Missing ya mates & escaping the house!

Guaranteed right now you are gagging for some personal space! We are all enjoying some extra family time, but everyone needs an hour or 2 to themselves every day. For those of you who aren’t getting it it can start to make you feel a little bit frustrated.

Being with people is great socially, but sometimes you just need to take a break and reset. You need to re-evaluate yourself, get perspective and have some headspace. That’s what personal training is all about. Some people spend their time in group fitness scenarios training with people because they like the social side of it. But there comes a time where you need to focus on you and your own personal goals away from the group.

If like me you’ve got kids in the house I guarantee you are at the bottom of the list. The priority definitely is not me right now, especially when it comes to having time alone to train. Although I am desperate to have time alone, I’m also missing training with my friends in the gym. There needs to be a good balance between alone time and time with friends and family. And right now we are just not getting it.

So what can we do about it right now? Well you can’t get back to your group fitness class sadly, but what you can do is focus on you as an individual and your current body goals. This is a good time to reset, adjust from where you came from and look at where you are going to. Online personal training is a fantastic thing right now because online is all we have to play with. It’s a great opportunity to set your nutrition right, get your training in order and spend some time creating a habit with all the spare time you have on your hands.

Once all this blows over and we can get back to normality, I guarantee you are going to be loving getting back to your group fitness. And if you come on board with me you will be fully educated, knowledgeable on nutrition and fitness to a much deeper level and raring to go with a proper schedule and habit formed by the time we can lay this virus thing to bed!

Every once in awhile it’s good to reset. Take stock of yourself, create new goals, form new habits and adjust your route to success. Without time away from your usual routines new goals cannot be set. I know you’re going crazy right now but hang in there. My group exercise starts LIVE next week so we can all catch up again even if it is only through a screen. Dates will be posted tomorrow. 

In the meantime let’s have a chat about where you are going with your nutrition and your weight training right now (if that is possible at home). Get all your ducks in a row and the results will be running at you. Email me to get started on reaching your goals and learning everything there is to know about nutrition and training by the time normality is resumed. 


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