It’s funny how buying a new pair of trainers gets you enthusiastic to go wear them at the gym. I find If I am feeling a scruffy mess and I don’t have comfy clean looking clothes on I don’t feel as good. And who would, we all want to look nice.

We want our bodies to look nice but half the time we cover them up with clothes we don’t really love, until we finally get a hold of ourselves, lose some weight and start training. Then one day we go grab something we couldn’t wear and that feeling is so good when it fits.

There’s nothing like being able to throw anything on and feel good, so after coming off the beach today covered in sand I bumped into Mirna Yatim a good friend of mine who is currently running a fitness wear company called Wear My Leggings.


Her designs are really unique and flattering and I’d already had my eye on her new cropped hoodie. So there I was, drenched in sand and lucky old me got shown to my friend Lindseys hot tub, handed a glass of prosecco and given this lovely set from Mirna’s range.

Instant mood boost!!!!!

Fashion fixes are amazing, body fixes take longer but that feeling of feeling good in your skin AND your clothes is like no other. Let’s face it, when you feel good you’re more than likely going to do more of what made you feel good.

All you need to do it get ya ass in gear and get started. I take many men and women from couch to coached and turn their lives around. But if I had any advice for those struggling to get out of the rut I’d say, get a coach and get some new kit.

You’ll be glad you did both and soon enough you’ll be showing that midriff off in cropped hoodies (if your a girl haha, or boy maybe??) and you’ll be loving your body and all the new clothes you can wear again.

Being miserable about how you look and feel is a decision you make. Staying miserable is also a choice you make. Doing something about it now is the only way to get on top of those shitty feelings. Being unfit and unhealthy creeps up on you, you don’t see it coming.

But trust me, results come just as fast, you just need to take the first step. Click the link and enquire about my online coaching (My amazing app Abbie Curtis Fitness is coming soon) and then go check out www.wearmyleggings.co.uk for Mirnas stunning fitness collection to get you in the mood.