“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.” ―Albert Einstein

The Power of imagination helps you visualise things that cannot be seen. This power is inherent in all of us and can be developed to a very high level. Yet some of us until now have found the ability to harness our creative side quite difficult.

As kids we were all very imaginative beings, we played in the sand and built cakes out of mud, we’d  have imaginary friends, believe in the unseen and even think that opening a crisp packet upside down would mean we would get our first kiss, well at least that’s what they said in my school!

I get brain fry when my son tries to get me to create stuff with him. It all just seems too tedious and boring, but maybe I grew up and became the boring one! Until now that is… Until this moment in time when we all had to shake our brains up and use a little imagination to amuse ourselves just that little bit more.

Today I was in my gym and I really needed to adapt some of my equipment to suit the exercise. Not being in a commercial gym I don’t have all of the apparatus necessary for each exercise I am working on at the moment. So by throwing a few resistance bands around the smith machine I created the lap pulldown!

I was pretty pleased with myself, and also shocked as to why I had not thought about doing this before… There are so many things that then occurred to me that were available at my fingertips, that I had not processed in the weeks before this all happened. I would normally just do what I could in my home gym and then choose one or two of the days in the week to go and train elsewhere.

I like training outside in the presence of other people because the company and community is a nice feeling. Sometimes training alone can be a bit boring, all that being said though there is no real need for me to go anywhere as my imagination has served me quite well today and I’m very impressed with myself…

My Body Solid Smith machine has been a very adaptable tool. From not having a leg press I simply slide myself underneath the Smithy with my feet under the bar and hey presto a leg press. I can’t do a dead lift with the Smithy because the bar doesn’t return fully to the floor but I can do a Romanian deadlift. A Romanian deadlift is where you partially return the barbell to the floor!

What else has happened this week? Well my son is bored so he wanted to take his bike out! We’ve had the bikes in the garage for ages but they’ve never been used, I hate going on the cross trainer I’m not a fan of cardio but I absolutely love riding my bike. Cardio is now fun!

However I do have to say the woman I saw on Instagram who was hip thrusting her sofa has certainly taken this all a bit too far! I can’t tell you how ridiculous some of the people look who are posting weird exercise videos… I guess everyone is just jumping on the bandwagon and taking this circumstance for a massive ride… I’m sure they will gain some attention from it but I’m bang on proper exercise and nutrition. It is the only way to get you the results that you need.

Want to join my online coaching? I’m not just going to tell you what to do, I’m going to educate you and teach you why are you are doing what I’m telling you to do. Long after I’m gone you will have the tools to look after yourself for ever more, and you won’t really need to be hip thrusting a sofa in times of social distancing should that ever happen again…



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