Last orders anyone…

Last orders at the bar, you’ve probably got only 10 minutes to get your drinks order in. No matter how many deep the bar is, if you want those drinks bad enough you will find a way to make last orders!

It’s Sunday, the shops are going to shut at 4pm and you’re desperate to get some bits from the supermarket. You’ve got about 10 minutes to get around the store grab the stuff you need and get home in time to make dinner! You make it happen, because who wants to eat toast for tea. 

You had a great day in London, probably had a few too many to drink and the last train leaves Waterloo at 10:50 pm. If you don’t make that train you’ve got no way of getting home, you bloody make that train!

So you see, when it counts we make the use of the time we’ve got. When we are the most desperate, we can make anything happen. Yet why when it comes to nutrition and fitness and getting in shape we delay, procrastinate and take years to even get off the starting blocks?

Well, I’ll tell you why. Because there are no time constraints put in place. You all think you’ve got forever, and you think another day won’t hurt. It’s funny that isn’t it, when you are put under pressure to get something done, you just get on and do it.

That’s why online coaching works. You sign up for a course which lasts a certain duration of time depending on your body goals. You pay the coach, you have a certain amount of time with them to get the most out of them. You want to make every single day count, and you wanna get the most out of your money. So what do you do about it? You put in the work, breakdown the goal and you make sure you reach it in the time you have with the coach.

So are you getting why my service works? Not only because I put you in a time constraint, I am bloody good at what I do, I get into your mindset, I understand nutrition to a deeper level and I put you in a position where you enjoy training because you have the energy in which to do it. And it is made measurable.

So ask yourself, what’s your goal? If it’s fat loss how much fat do you want to lose? You’ve a rough idea how long it takes based on 1-2lbs a week average loss. So do the math, put yourself under some pressure and just get it done. Need some help?

Courses are running weekly just drop me an email and let’s get started.