This weather is seriously affecting my mood right now and I’m pretty sure those of you who don’t have the luxury of reading this from the sunnier climates in the world would agree it’s starting to take its toll. 

I am currently sat in the bar of my hotel after taking a bus, yes a bus to the zoo! I’ve got nothing against buses at all or zoo’s but the combo isn’t really what I’d call my favourite day out. Throw a bucket of rain per second over my head, whilst meandering the least sodden/muddy patches of the floor in an attempt to preserve the life of my UGG’s and get from A to B with a freezing cold 3 year old screaming because she refuses to wear her coat and i’d call it a bloody recipe for immediate immigration. 

Sitting here soaked and nothing to do I decided to write you my Daily Email. If you aren’t signed up to it and this is coming to you via a Facebook post please click here Abbie Curtis – Daily Emails So why am I in Jersey? Because I’m bridging the gap of separation anxiety as my son is on his first trip away from home and at the time of booking he was 8 years old and a little scared of being away from me. This is amusing though as now he’s 10 he really was neither bothered or worried at the prospect of this school trip, so I needn’t had bothered coming to Jersey in such awful weather. 

The apron strings have been released, he’s growing into an independent young man and Mummy seriously needs to take a back seat and let him flourish. Well, I’ve not seen him since I’ve been here. I was given a look to suggest seeing me would cramp his style and to be fair I’m over it too! Yeah I miss him but it’s good to have a break. We don’t need to be joined at the hip – it’s just growing up. 

So what about you? Do you still need me everyday? Without sounding rude I don’t want you in my life unnecessarily, and it’s you I’m talking to. Yes the client who came to me looking for the right path to go down to find that body you just couldn’t get by yourself. My aim for you was always to educate, train, succeed and then set you free! Why on earth would you feel I’d done a good job if a year down the line you need to come back to me for advice, another meal plan, training plan or just to ask the same old question you already know the answer to because you and I covered it months back? You don’t!

My new APP will be all you need – apron strings still attached but at a much longer length. This is what I am creating this for and it is soo much cheaper than keep employing me to mollycoddle you – when I should have turned you into something of an expect in looking after yourself!

I’m not into keeping you for financial gain. Neither am I interested in cramping my sons style when he feels confident enough to find his own way. My job is done. But as a good Mother and PT, should I ever be called upon in the future for whatever reason – I will be there to guide, love, advise and once again set you free!

Right now I wish someone would set me free! Sorry to say it but I’m sick of seeing pictures of people enjoying themselves wearing shorts and flip flops, playing at the beach on boats, drinking in the sun sets and having a whale of a time. That number 13 bus just broke the camels back….

I’m ending this email with little but a moan, so just join my bloody Facebook group AC Beach Body Fitness and give me something to brighten my day as I sit here drying out in the bar. Still no waiter has appeared and my mouth is stuck together with dehydration. Oh cocktails on the beach!



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