I’m not really sure what day it is until I look at my training schedule to see what I am doing in the gym each day. Do any of you feel like you’re living a groundhog day life or that you’re waiting to be part of an episode of Punk’d?

It wouldn’t be that funny would it, although it would be some pretty bloody feat of a prank to pull off. All this is so bizarre that you’d almost believe anything to escape this existence. Without realising it we are all trying to escape from the headlines and the reality of all of this as we start to adapt to our new environments.

Cause and effect will have us as human beings, just like animals, adapting to our environment. It is a natural behaviour to change the things we do to suit our surroundings. So it is no wonder that all the stuff we do outside of the house is coming in.

My kids even threatened to bring their bouncy castle into the living room, to which they received a stern look and a marching order to take the thing back outside again. We need the weather more than ever right now and I am grateful we had a good few days this week.

I burnt cookies today because I was trying to do so much all at once at home. Seeing to the demands of the kids, the dog, trying to get my gym session in and god knows what else. I thought it was pretty funny, my ears pricked up when I heard, “why’s the oven still on?”, they came out like charcoal. I quite clearly had over done it, by like an hour!

Because of the feeling of complete repetitiveness I am sure like me – you are cramming new activities into your lives each day. Things you’d never dream of doing or trying. An old puzzle, the coffee machine handbook to learn the frothing feature, or even putting new batteries into all the electrical for something to do.

 I’ve thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my Mum and doing yoga with her every morning. Her aches and pains are already going away and she already has more flexibility. I’ve made play dough, moulded fossil replicas and painted them, walked the dog every day for once, started my new training program and hugged a tree. Yes hugged a fucking bloody tree!!!! 

There is something to be said for the phrase, “every cloud has a silver lining”, this week I have set so many of you on track with all the stuff you usually neglect – YOURSELVES! More people twiddling their thumbs thus starting to pay more attention to their health is probably going to do a lot of good to society.

This county has also turned into the real “Great British Bake Off”, so many shops empty of flour and eggs can only mean households full of goodies or in my case burnt biscuits, but it’s you adapting to what you’ve got. So bring it on groundhogs I know this will not last forever, so take advantage.

Not really a fitness email tonight but you could spin it into one if you like. You don’t need me to tell you that a structured training program is only 20% of what you need in order to get in shape. Any clue what the 80% should be – you guessed it! It’s what you put in your mouth….

Come train with me, I promise I won’t have you burning cookies, but I will have you doing something you should have been focusing on a long bloody time ago. Now throw me another excuse, oh thats right, you’ve not got one now 😉



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