What drives me mad is secret keeping. I’m the worst I’m so nosey, if there’s something going on I bet you I will find out what it is. It’s such an affliction which has me ruining my own surprises. But on the flip side I’m pretty astute as to what’s going on around me that I can see a little fib a mile off!

Why do people keep secrets? Well I know for sure that in the fitness industry the amount of misleading and fabricating that goes on is enough to generate millions per year from those poor people that are sucked in by such bullshit. Then there’s the knowledgable PT’s on the gym floors selling you their hourly rate only to give you the skim off the surface of the knowledge as they drip feed you just enough to keep you wanting more. 

I find this infuriating. If you’re a PT surely you’re job is to instil change and positive habit within your clients to create a community of healthy well educated individuals who can benefit from their time and money spent being coached by you to then go on and lead a healthy happy life with what they have learned. 

However, the reality is this. Instead of educating you they’ll change your program and not tell you why. They say “just eat more” when you want to grow muscle but leave you wondering as to more of what that should be. I hear this all the time. The skinny girl being force fed a prescription of massive weights but left to her own devices when it comes to trying to get her nutrition straight to reach the goal of getting lean. 

The PT knows she’s uneducated and in some cases they prey on these people just to give them enough but not all so they keep that weekly cheque coming in. Right now I’m seething just thinking about the amount of people out there selling their soul to the gym floor, memberships in tow and then additional PT fees just to gain some understanding they’ll never get. 

I’m not a PT. Yes I’m qualified as one, but I done work in a gym. I’ve no ground rent to pay, no employer to impress with targets and no reason not to want my clients to succeed. I will be honest with you, when I train a new client it’s like a new relationship. All of a sudden we’re texting each other a few times a week. I’m speaking to them more than I do my closest family. I know them inside and out and yet I don’t want to speak to them this intently for the rest of their life! I am the worst at keeping secrets, if I’ve got something juicy to share, well, I just like to share it.

I’m pretty sure the relationship would grow dull over time if the client wasn’t getting much out of it. My main objective is a happy phone call. Not a call where I’m trying to justify my weeks prescribed nutrition and training just to keep them hanging on for more. I want those results, that end of the line where they learnt everything from me in order to never need a PT again. A happy customer will recommend me every time. It’s business. It’s not a life sentence. 

Phew, I think I got that off my chest! Point is I love you guys but I want to set you free! I don’t want to talk to you every week aimlessly, I want you to become educated, get results, create a new habit and go fly with it. I’m not up for seeing you again, because if you need me again….. We’ll I’ve failed. 

I’m not the type to fail! Sorry….



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