Today marks a big day for me! As I resume normal life (what’s normal for me) and get back on track with this business, my own personal development in my health, training and nutrition, my continued research into people habits as a result of their beliefs and habits around food and exercise and most importantly a decision which I’ve played with for 4 years! Today marks the day I become a plant based individual! I’m not scared of anyone’s thoughts or opinions anymore. Even my immediate family. This is partly what held me back in the past causing me to see-saw my diet between vegan, pescatarian and full animal.

I’ve been out of consistent training since May due to a huge renovation at our home, travel and school breaks. It’s really been a tough few months for me mentally as training and eating right is my sanity. It gives me power which only I can understand. So, I’m excited (buzzing in fact) to be in a position where I can gain my normality back and also continue to inspire you all to do the same. Please don’t worry. I’m not going to preach to anyone about my personal choices, however use my ideas and beliefs as a bench mark for your own. Take inspiration, use my energy and enjoy the journey. Personal development of the mind, inevitably leads to the body and then the soul.

I’m back 😂👏🏻😉🤛🏻…. (Let’s eat some protein and get strong. And no… I will never bulk out excessively but I like definition. My love will not allow me to do this. I understand it’s not feminine in some men’s eyes. I agree for me it doesn’t suit, but I also admire those women who do!)

Ps: My first movie on the meat industry hurt my soul so bad. If you want to cry watch Earthlings. It’s from the perspective of cruelty. Since watching I opted for local butchers! http://www.nationearth.com/

I’ve been looking for change and this movie did it. It’s from the perspective of my body and it’s reaction to meat. Since watching I’ve opted for the green grocer and imagination towards cooking! https://gamechangersmovie.com/

I’ve been looking after vegan and vegetarian clients since the start showing them how to eat plant based as well as incorporate meat if they wish. I’m excited to expand on this by sharing all of my own recipies with my new and existing clients. For a free consultation follow this link https://fb.com/book/AbbieCurtisSwim/

Abbie 🌱