Books are everywhere! They come in all shapes and sizes, some fat, some thin, some colourful, some boring, some exciting and some full of wonderful information for you to use to better your life. Some are just full of utter crap! A lot of books tell the same story, but a different author presents it in a different way. Ever notice how you can absorb what some people tell you but put in another context the same thing can be difficult to understand from somebody else? You’ve got to click with the story teller. 

How many books have you read on a topic that interests you, yet you barely make it past the first chapter because you’ve face planted it out of sheer boredom? Hey, that’s me! I’ve the attention span of a gold fish. You’ve got 30 seconds to hook me into the sale or I’m legging it on to the next big thing. I’ve plenty of dust gatherers on my selves, aside making me look knowledgable they also grate on me because I hate not seeing something through. 

But, if something doesn’t interest you it is not going to serve you! So do a runner, and move on to something that will. Now, I’m going to use you in my analogy and assume you’re a book. Hey – let’s throw me into this too! I’m a book also. Hang in there I’m getting to my point I promise. So you, like all the other people reading this are an individual. Like the book you maybe thin, old, dusty and complex. Or you maybe fat, easy going, yet confusing and may have a torn outer cover. 

No matter what book you are – you are an individual and I as the author of the book Abbie Curtis, am the teacher. My aim as a book is to be engaging, exciting, colourful, useful, meaningful and preferably a hardback as I’m so anal about dog ears! 🤦‍♀️. I am the bridge taking you from a lack of knowledge to a full understanding of what it will take to help you get to where you want to be. 

I am the story teller! No really, analogy aside that is my role here and the story you read from me as my client will not be the written word of me as a book, but the person you can interact with to gain the lessons you have to learn in order for you to carve out a lifestyle that will eventually present you with the body of your dreams. 

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