I don’t want to talk about coronavirus anymore! For me that is the end of it, I draw a line under it and no matter what happens I will accept my fortunate position. I will remain thankful for those out there fighting thus battle I am not in a position to fight, although I will remain at home and pray for their safety. 

Many people overlook the things they are fortunate to have in their lives. Some have an inability to be grateful, they don’t see the positives, and they don’t see how many things we deem to be a chore are actually things others would call a privilege. 

Being able to stay at home is a privilege. To have a home is something to be grateful for. To be able to exercise within your home is a privilege, and have a fit and healthy body and mind is something to be grateful for.

To have people around you willing to educate you and teach you is a privilege, and to have access to those people at your fingertips is something to be grateful for. Especially when you are currently twiddling your thumbs with little else to do.

I remain motivated in my position. Today I utilised the things around me to make my training more fun. I was so grateful for the weather, the garden which most don’t have and the birds and the sound of the children all around me.

I am privileged to be able to train my body. I am privileged to have health in order to create a better body in which I live. I do not dwell, I do not become demotivated, I do not stress if I eat the wrong foods, I do not worry if I missed a workout, all I am is grateful, consistent, privileged, and forever your servant.

I will continue to serve all of you with as much knowledge, motivation and excitement to fitness as possible each and every single day. Whether or not you are reading these emails I do not care! I’m putting them out there in the hopes that someone is picking them up and taking inspiration from them.

I’m grateful for my voice and I will use it. I’m grateful for those who follow me and interact with me. I’m grateful for my clients it’s a privilege to work with them and I will forever be in their debt. For they work for me, they may work hard on their bodies, but they do so with my guidance and knowledge. They work for me because when they are finished and proud of themselves they tell their friends, their families, their colleagues!

Now enough bullshit I’ve been very serious tonight I know.  Well, it’s not bullshit is it is to the point, but you know me it’s hard to keep a straight face at the best of times 🤣. 

Anyway you lot, let’s have a little dig deep and think about the things we are privileged and grateful for having in our lives and then once we finish dabbling with that, what you can do is click the links below join my Facebook group.

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Forever in your debt,



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