Everything’s been turned upside down. People hate that stuff don’t they – change I mean! It freaks them out at the best of times and then something like this happens overnight. Melt down is global and all of a sudden the whole of humanity is an equal. Pretty cool in some respects. 

Getting people to make change is hard, you have to convince them at length that something is a good idea, even if you have proven facts they’re still reluctant. Trust me I know – I am a Personal Trainer, I am selling you extra life, a few more years added right here on this planet in exchange for just 3-4 hours a week and a promise to put some better shit in your mouth!

But no, thats not enough is it. People want blood I swear! Then eventually when they’re sick of their old ways they’ll take the plunge and finally make that change, usually when they’re suffering from an obesity related condition that has started to debilitate them, then the see the light!

But, right now you have been forced to change! You had no choice and now you’re being told what to do and you don’t like it. But this is for you’re own good! Need more blood? I guess some of you do – crazy isn’t it that people REALLY need persuading in times of utter life or death. Pandemic or general ignorance to their health either way it is a threat to life – but they just don’t believe it  until something nasty happens to them.

Aside all of this the change has done great things to us. People are becoming more willing to open up about their feelings, we actually talk to people we hadn’t in ages and even make new friends through social media channels. I have great friends and I a guilty for not talking to them enough.

Since all this I am picking up the phone and not texting as much. Today I called my friend Helen, we chatted for about 30 minutes about this and that and then it got really personal. After we talked about the niceties I asked what she was doing today, she told me and then asked me the same. Turns out we both had toilet cleaning on our lists!

When would I ever call up a mate to discuss that hahaha! But I love this, it’s REAL BLOODY LIFE! Half the time we skim the surface with fake shite talking about the stuff we think we should, but oh no, we’re getting down to it, we know who has what toilet cleaning technique and I certainly know who my mates are now – they’re REAL PEOPLE on the end of the phone, not a series of crappy EMOJIS that speed up the text and get us moving onto the next and the next…. Life was SHIT before this…

But I promise you people will always want BLOOD before they believe you 😉

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