I hate to start this post by saying this… There are 115 days until New Years 2019! Sorry, said it. But there is a reason that I brought it up. New Years wouldn’t be New Years without the full force of positivity it brings to many of us to make amends, start new projects, take more care of our finances and mostly commit to ourselves that THIS year is the year we will get in shape!

That has been me MOST years, however instead of facing cringe worthy failure around February when I usually admit defeat and realise the promises I made on that drunkard evening to myself have quite clearly sunk somewhere into an abyss, this year I literally hit the ground running into 2018 by down right swearing that THIS would be my year!

And… it certainly has been! This is the year that I got the ‘fitness bug’, the year I set out to get my pre-pregnancy body back and educate myself as deeply as I can every day on nutrition, to learn new training techniques and inspire others to creating a mind set that means no longer will February be the month we face failure.

On January 9th 2018 after returning from a beautiful Christmas in the Bahamas with my family I made like Forrest Gump for the gym! No jokes, I created an obsession that I would once again feel good, no incredible in my own skin and no matter what things tried to get in my way, I would over come them. Trust me there were things, many things. Here’s the list:

1: The baby
2: The other bigger baby
3: My to do list
4: People in general
5: Fatigue
6: Winter Blues
7: Laziness
8: The weather
9: Sickness
10: Travel
11: Thinking of something better to do
12: Lack of time
13: No equipment
14: You see where I am going here???

Ok so as you can see I am no different to the next Mother, business woman, office worker, nurse, carer, taxi driver, rocket scientist, actress, the list could annoyingly continue. You get the idea right? We all have s**t going on and stuff to juggle. It never stops, there will never be a RIGHT time, the world will always spin, more challenges will always come our way.
So unless you get into the mind set that you CAN make time for yourself then you are NEVER going to have time. After the realisation set in that I was no different, had no less or no more time than anyone else in the world it occurred to me that maybe I could start to help others get their heads into the right place too, so they could become able to give back to themselves and start working on a better version of themselves IMMEDIATELY…

When you are accountable you almost have to get things done. People are watching and expectation lurks leaving you feeling guilty if you don’t stand up and deliver the goods. Trick No:1 Become Accountable. Here’s what I did. I set up my Facebook Fitness Motivation Page called Abbie Curtis Bikini Fitness. I announced my goals to the world (well 4 people) and I told them how I planned on turning my post-pregnancy Mum body into a body I could live to envy, even if it was my own.

Quickly my posts started to draw attention and the group started to grow in numbers. And as spectators watched me training in my gym and being pumped and happy that every day I had promised myself I would workout, a little community was formed. I had never worked out this much in my life, even when I was teaching fitness and running my own PT sessions in my twenties, but somehow I felt utterly compelled not to let myself down.

Over the course of the year I started personal training again, something I hadn’t done for so long. In the past I spent many years working in gyms 1-1 coaching people, but stopped this to pursue different career paths. So it was great to be back again advising my customers who purchase swimwear from me how to get their bikini bodies back. Their results have been inspiring, ladies who knew very little about nutrition, now understanding that food isn’t the enemy and that working out isn’t the devil but more of a fun challenge.

So I am excited to finally incorporate my fitness into my business at Abbie Curtis online which really does go hand in hand, a complimentary sideline that every bikini girl needs, great swimwear and an even greater body to go with it. I hope that www.abbiecurtis.com will become the go to place to read interesting blogs about fashion, fitness, new trends and how to learn to appreciate our bodies instead of hating them. Don’t get me wrong, I love being in the swimwear business, it has always been my dream, but along with it comes heart breaking conversations from women who dread bikini season, hate their bodies and spend countless hours wishing they looked like someone else.

That all stops right now. If you want something badly enough you will work for it, otherwise you cant have wanted it as much as you thought you did! So now is the time, don’t leave it until New Year 2019, there will never be a right time and the sooner you realise that the happier you will feel. Lets make it Summer EVERYDAY! No more getting inshape for holidays, or shorts weather. Get in shape because you love and respect yourself and because you CAN rise to this challenge no matter how daunting it may seem at first. Its always ‘Bikini Season’ at Abbie Curtis so please come along, browse the options available in the Bikini Fitness section of the website and choose a program that is right for you. I will be with you every step of the way. And, in the meantime please look at these fabulous body transformations that have been achieved on my 12 Bikini Body Makeover Program. Yes only 12 weeks, so just imagine that by the end of November you could completely transform yourself. All of these ladies are members at the Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/1965502373698233/?ref=bookmarks

You Got This, Abbie. x